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    Enable the access to distance education on a much larger scale

    One really wonders why the Distance Education facilities are still not available at all in so many State Universities. For example, while the State of University education itself, that is, full time, is in a shambles in the Hindi belt, particularly in UP and Bihar, there is not a single University where Distance education is offered.

    In AP and in Kerala and even Karnataka, there are some Universities that offer Distance Education. In Tamil Nadu, the facilities are simply fabulous and almost every single State University has the facility. However, in West Bengal there are no Universities that offer Distance Education. The Annamalai University at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu, has the maximum number of students from this State.

    The Government of India and the UGC should encourage more distance education facilities at their own places. Or, the weekend mode of part-time distance education can also be tried, as is now being done with the Pondicherry University distance education facility being active at Loyola College, Chennai and a few other colleges where it has a tie-up.

    We need a lot more action on the distance education front, as it opens up a viable alternative to the regular studies, for those who are already employed and who want to acquire higher qualifications.
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    There are a good number of distance education colleges all over the country and as mentioned by the author we can have more of such colleges. As far as my knowledge goes, The School of Distance Education. Annamalai University is one of the very old universities that started distance mode of education.
    These schools are useful for the employees who want to improve their qualifications and acquire new skills that are useful for their career growth. So encouraging such distance education schools is very much required. But they should come up with new degrees and skills instead of conducting similar courses what the regular colleges are offering. This will help the persons working in the industry to choose the required skills and get qualified,

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    Yes I totally agree with the author. Distance learning is very much requirement of today's world and that to in a scale bigger than before. As author already mentioned the distance education acts as a viable source for many people, like people who already employed or are unable to travel all the way to their dream institute. Through distance learning a lot of trouble can also be avoided, like too many physical documentations, crowing and so on. Especially during the COVID situation it will a boom to society, to many who want to persue multiple course in various instituite at the same time. There are a endless opportunities distance learning can open for our country therefore or education system, universities should take major initiatives to enable bigger development in this sector so that many can take benifit from such a scheme.
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    I agree with the author, the level of distance education has been much better than before and it is expected to be better in the coming time. In the beginning, distance education was not considered very favorable in terms of education because it was recognized for less value in many companies or other jobs, etc. But now the situation is different when people adopted it for more and more courses. Distance learning has become the best medium for people doing jobs, and it should expand further in the future.

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    Distance learning is really a very important tool for the aspirants interested to acquire education despite their involvement in some regular jobs. While doing their regular jobs, they lack time for their improvement with taking up some regular qualifications. In that situation, either they have to take long leaves affecting their earnings or even the worst, they will have to resign from the present assignment.Here the relevance of the distance education comes in the picture.
    There are different prominent open universities at present in our country catering to the needs of the aspirants genuinely interested to acquire some education in the areas of their interest. To name a few, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Kota Open University, Annamalai University for distance education, Karnataka Open University are doing their best to encourage such aspirants who are in need of such qualifications but lack regular devotion for such courses. These universities are providing quality education at par with the regular universities. However, they need to put some more thirst to explore the ways of education which could prove hot cake in the market in terms of their immediate employment.

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