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    Why do the younger generation find it difficult to shed their egos now?

    Every few months, divorce is in the air. The compatibility between young couples is becoming so less and, in the past decade, it has reached its lowest levels. This happens even in love marriages.

    Why should this happen? Not many reasons are clearly visible. The ego tantrums of either or both partners is one problem. Those who are now 60 plus and above, are perhaps the last generation where the social pressures and the parental influence played a big part in the couples still living under one roof. Those who are now in the fifties might have called it a day as well, but for some pressure, particularly from their children. But for those who are in their twenties today or early thirties, divorce is no more a dirty word.

    Emotions and feelings cannot be hidden. Transparency and openness and a spirit of give and take can make a whale of a difference. Similarly, looking at the long-term and not the short-term is one sure way of breaking free from the big problem of having to face the music, sooner or later.

    Divorce is no solution to any problem and the more divorces we have, the more problems we have as well.
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    Lack of proper understanding between the two and not having any adjustable nature are the two main reasons for the present situation in the young married couple. In the olden days' husbands used to dominate the ladies and ladies used to accept and used to adjust. But that is never desirable. Slowly there is a change. Ladies also started participating in all the activities and started putting their suggestions etc. That is a very good situation. Both should equally discuss all the important points and come to an understanding. Then things will go smooth. But now the problem is nobody wants to compromise and each of them is sticking to their points only. This is causing problems.
    When we hear the reasons for divorce, they are very small issues and can easily be solved by mutual understanding. Probably a day will come where the living together concept will overtake the marriage concept. They live together as long as they like and then get a part.

    always confident

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    Unfortunately the young generation are standing on their own legs, meaning, they mend their own business and earn handsome salaries and thus does not find the reasons to bend in front of other for one reason or so. And being educated we think that wisdom would be drawn to behave sensibly. But I have seen that the more they are educated. they behave more childish and they would not consider the feelings of others. The tit for tat moves between the two are raging and no ending in the youth and that gives rise to more confronting attitude and no compromise. At least they should learn from elder couples who completed their sixty years of age togetherness and just imagine how the misunderstandings between them were ignored and respected each other because they have life together against all odds.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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