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    Food, clothing and shelter are more urgent than most modern airports

    The Prime Minister takes pride in inaugurating some new airport or some railway station, that has been transformed to "world-class" standards. He talks about bullet trains to his home State of Gujarat, but never bothers about what happens to millions who slog it out in the unreserved compartments.

    Food, clothing and shelter are more important for people than mere slogans or the Rama temple at Ayodhya. We are having all our priorities wrong and the Adanis and the Ambanis are the two guys who have become so rich within eight years.

    The Opposition is not also doing the right things, as they are busy fighting among themselves and doing nothing for the common man. We cannot and should not allow this sorry state of affairs to go on. For example, the ration items should reach the poor for another 18 months, till the Covid-19 and its variants still bother us.
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    Unemployment is the biggest problem in India and for creating wealth and employment we require industries to come and start working here in the country. For that infrastructure is very important. So developing infrastructure is also one of the important issues.
    Food, clothes and house are the minimum needs for any human being and one should try to get them with their hard work. Unfortunately, many poor people are not able to get any work to do also and for such people, all state governments are supplying ration at a very minimal cost. For the governments also money is required to carry out all these social programmes. To raise funds, the government is trying to increase taxes and the public never wanted this? How to manage the issue is a real big problem for the governments.

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    What is your business with Ram Temple in Ayodhya?

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    Because one political party is creating votes through it based on religion.

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    What you got to do with it?

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    While I appreciate the author for raising this thread and it takes me to go backward to those days of Indira Gandhi as PM of the country and she coined Roti, Kapada aur Makan. And I believe that the country population was less, the slogan remained on the paper and the poor multiplied into magnitude and NDA govt is just 7 years old and the author talking above food , clothing and shelter as important plank and yes thus govt already created national food security, and going to allot housing to the poor in a big way and already those who buy the flats has the subsidy of PM awaz yojana. And coming to the point of modern airports, when the state boasts with so many rich people and they need such facilities and therefore the govt is also duty bound to create such iinfrastructurefor more comfort and going.
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    The real problem is the poverty and people want to come out of it with some gainful employment but unfortunately new jobs are not coming from the government sectors. We have witnessed mammoth growth of the population but the government sectors cannot accommodate the huge population with the creation of more jobs.
    If we look around, there are many ways to earn livelihood and they should definitely join such schemes for the maintenance of their families. If they desire, they can be food vendors, vegetable vendors or any other professions of their own choice. The government is taking care of the people suffering from abject poverty with the sanctioning of essential rations to each member of the families apart from other welfare schemes for them.
    The other factors has to be taken into account for the efficient running of the government and for that need money to fulfil other liabilities needed for the people. Development of infrastructure is one one of the urgent priorities.

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    Everything can wait but not the poor people looking for basic needs. People can't live without food and water; it must be provided to these people. Nor can one afford to live without clothes. Providing basic needs to the poor is the obligation of the government and they should work towards it. It is very difficult to realise the pain of a poor man without basic facilities even having to fight for a grain of food and dip of water.
    The progressive country is good for its people but ignoring the poor people starving on the roads is a shame for the authorities who are unable to facilitate these poor people with their basic needs. Till government wakes up, it is our collective responsibility to look after these people and provide the basic facility.

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    It is very true that India is having a large population and there are so many poor people living in it. Since last so many decades we are struggling to develop our country and solve the problem of poverty but so far no government could eradicate the poverty with its programs. The present regime is also trying for that relentlessly but the results are yet to come. Meanwhile government is is trying to develop the infrastructure and other basic facilities in the country so that a conducive environment is set for the prosperity of business and commercial activities. This will eventually help in providing more employment to the people and there will be opportunity for earning money by working in these voluminous projects. There is no magic wand to eradicate poverty. It will only go with all round development.
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