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    Twenty six alphabets in our daily life to live peacefully

    I read in one magazine that the 26 alphabets in the following way help us to lead a peaceful day.
    A: Appreiation - Appreciating others for their work with open heart.

    B: Behaviour - Never act yourself as no time to care on others or smile at others

    c: Compromise - Compromise with others by free talking and without hurting others

    D: Depression - Never get tired as others are not understanding you

    E: Ego - This is most important point as many times we think ourselves as superior than others and such ego should be removed in us.

    F: Forgive - Though we have the right to control other close people, we should see the possibility of forgiving others.

    G: Genuineness - Handle any matter in a legitimate way

    H: Honesty - When we err sometimes don't hesitate to request pardoning

    I: Inferiority complex - Never astonish on others and leave your own underestimation on you

    J: Jealousy - Never jealous on others by satisfying yourself what you possess

    K: Kindness - Loving others is most important. so, expose your words with kind and love

    L: Loose talk - keep your talks without foreseeing consequences

    M: Misunderstanding - Never misunderstand others

    N: Neutral - Don't talk anything after deciding yourself but decide after discussing. Justify both sides

    O: Over expectation - Don't expect exorbitantly from others. Limit your needs

    P: Patience - Tolerate the things and happenings around you

    Q: Quieteness - Mostly avoid to talk on unknown topics. Such talking on unknown subjects leads to chaos

    R: Roughness - Never talk unwise words and avoid unnecessary rigidness

    S: Stubbornness - Don't hold unnecessary stubborn on your point

    T: Twisting - Never speak on others unnecessarily

    U: Underestimate - Never underestimate others on any account as they should have some dignity by their own.

    V: Voluntary - Hear others view and simultaneously voluntary starting of speech can be done from you.

    W: Wound - Never utter words in such way wounding others

    X: Xerox - Act yourself in the way what you are expecting from others

    Y: Yield - Follow give and take policy

    Z: Zero - If one follow the above 25, his problems will be zero
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    A good collection and if we can practice all those definitely we will have a peaceful life. I like to thank the author for sharing these important points in this thread. I wish we all follow them and lead a happy life.
    always confident

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    Either too the author was known for sharing jokes many a time and it was always enjoyable and gain knowledge also. But this time he has gone one step ahead and brought with daily life through the alphabets elaboration and that seems to be true. While instead of appreciation if we do acclamation the others would like us. And our behavior should behold others. We can compromise our activities for others but should never contradict. Never go to the depression level as we have to never our bad time within us and not to vent outside. Forgiving is the best trait and we should not forget the help of others. Loose talk will not be tolerated and we have to be guarded and talk with sense. Kind and love goes hand in hand. Loose talk should not be done and never hurt anyone. Very nice thread from the author.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very interesting and useful article.Every one wants to lead a chaos less life. But I am afraid in the high tech world of today many people want to possess the latest gadgets available in the market. The internet helps them to find them. New phones and laptops are sold by them through exchange offers. The millennials of this era are the ones who go for thr offer first. They feel proud to display their proud possession in front of others.
    I wish every one follows all the 26 points mentioned by you.
    But you can't expect people to follow majority of them as I feel it's value is not appreciated by lacs of people

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    Very nice explanation of each alphabet term in terms of words which are very helpful for us to lead a peaceful and happy life. We all need to remember such terms or words so that we can implement them while living daily life.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    The new form of alphabet given by the author through his thread is really commendable and commendable. It is true that every aspect of life, every moment teaches us something and it is our luck that we have got this opportunity. One should always be ready to learn and accept the new so that by adopting small but important lessons, one should keep his life beautiful. This series of alphabets may tough for primary students but for a person who enough mature in its life should learn such series and improve itself.

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