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    Should we really call electric vehicles as green vehicles?

    Currently, the world is witnessing a drastic trend towards electric vehicles due to worldwide awareness of pollution due to conventional vehicle emissions. These electric vehicles are termed as green vehicles as they do not emit any harmful pollutants in the air. But the point here is, are they not taking energy or electric power from thermal power plants that have an emission of flue gases into the atmosphere? One will agree to a certain extent that localized pollution will be there at the site of the thermal power plant. So, are such vehicles really green? When would we be able to actually call electric vehicles as green vehicles? Can you share your views?
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    I don't think they are Zero-emission vehicles. But the amount of pollution a petroleum fuel using the vehicle will produce and how much this vehicle? But there will be a drastic decrease in pollution if we use these vehicles. The power plants should use all pollution control measures and see that their emissions are eco friendly. Then there will not be any problem. The flue gases from these power plants should be properly treated before leaving them into the atmosphere.
    Presently we are polluting anywhere and everywhere. But by changing over to electric vehicles the pollution will not be anywhere and everywhere. There may be some localised problems near the power plants and those problems are also can be mitigated properly by using the necessary methods and processes.

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    Since the normal vehicles which emanate the carbon-dioxide to much higher level, and the end result that the leaves and trees are most effected and would turn brittle. If the emission was normal, then it will be useful to the plants. But the toxic emissions from the lorry which is of black smoke is very dangerous for the green environment. And the electric vehicles which are non emission and cause no harm to the greenery and therefore are considered as green vehicle. That is the reason being so even the vehicles registration is done with green color numbering plate. Yes, we can therefore call the electric vehicles as green vehicles. The future holds good for such vehicles and the govt is also giving impetus to the green vehicles as the petrol has become more dear and we going to shell it totally in near future.
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    I want to add to what I said earlier. If an electric vehicle is charged by renewable energy sources like wind power or solar power, the electric vehicle is certainly called a green vehicle. Thus, one has to make sure that charging of the electric vehicle must be from solar power or wind power. Government should encourage such projects and keep the environment green. Currently, Tesla is making such efforts to prepare charging stations running on solar energy.
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    Electric batteries are definitely a better option for pollution control. Today we are using the petroleum fuels in a very large quantity. But these resources are limited in their nature and one day no petroleum will be available. So in such a futuristic scenario it makes sense to go for the electric batteries in a big way. As regards to the charging of the batteries definitely electric power will be required and seeing the trends all over the world today we can see that we are switching to wind, solar, and nuclear energies and soon those will be the main resources for electric power. So in my view electric vehicles will be good solution for pollution control.
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    We must resort to battery operated vehicle considering the fact there is huge generation of pollution with the existing scooters and motorcycles since these are petroleum driven vehicles. The new variants being operated by the battery is the only solution. What is required at this juncture is to instal several stations where the batteries can be conveniently charged and a fully charged battery can be procured easily for their onward journey. In that way, we can drastically cut the pollution level which is abnormally at the current stage.

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    Any electric vehicle that does not use petrol or diesal and does not pollute the environment is an ideal vehicle that can be called green.

    Reports suggest that solar powered vehicles are already in use in the West. A day will soon come when the vehicles may even use wind energy through some advanced technology. The renewable sources of energy will also be accompanied by a highly viable sustitute for petrol and this will indeed be the starting point of a new revolution.

    All this is bound to happen.

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