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    Does Babli really need a Bunty?

    The sequel to Bunty aur Babli is now screeing on DisneyHotstar. I watched it and was really disappointed. The first one held my interest throughout and was thoroughly enjoyable; the sequel failed to do so. Only in parts, there was humour and while Rani Mukerji yet again delivers a great performance, Saif Ali Khan just did not fit into the role of Bunty that was marvellously played earlier by Abhishek Bachchan. Even Siddhant Chaturvedi was a disappointment. Sharvari Wagh, playing her debut, was quite good and was a real hoot in the sequence as the Scientific Advisor. Pankaj Tripathi, too, gave his usual star performance.

    I wondered, what need was even there for a Bunty alongside Rani Mukerji? She has the talent and the panache to carry the story (and the film) on her shoulders and has even done women-oriented solo-heroine films (Hichki, Mardaani). Bunty could have been relegated to just playing the role of the railway TC, having decided not to participate in any more shenanigans, with Babli taking on the task solo of catching the impostors.

    And do you get the underlying message of this thread's title?
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    Our mind as an Indian audience requires a Bunty for every Babli in the film story. So the producers and directors will take care in somehow presenting a Bunty for every Babli in their movie. Sometimes it looks normal if the story and directions are good and the role of the duo is justified. At other times like the sequel that is mentioned by the author, things might not work and even a normal person who goes to see movies regularly would find the unnecessary inclusion of the male actor in the film. So the film makers should also take care that if a Bunty is there then sufficient work load in the film should be there for him.
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    Surely Rani Mukerji is a great actress and she has gained fame through her art in many of her movies which is commendable. As far as Bunty Babli movie is concerned, its first performance was excellent and that is why the second one was also brought in but we have found that many times the story does not strike like before. In the previous Bunty Babli, both their roles were stellar performances and the purpose of the movie would not have been fulfilled without either one. Till now I have seen the sequel Bunty Babli released recently, so can't say much.

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    Movies are always at the risk of like and dislike, and the author must have been had more expectations from the actors and other cast. It is not necessary that any movie for that matter give you the exact understanding what we expect but there may be underlying defining of story in the back drop of a song or even through other scenes when the character has to be understood and rated by us. One thing is sure in a film not only the hero and heroine, even the side actors, the comedians, the songs, the fights, and even the best locations can inspire and induce the audience to watch again and again. The author may spell out as to can she find at least one good portrayal of the above said features in the film and if that is done and the film must be appreciated because the director cannot accept the courage to satisfy all.
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    The general feeling of the moviemakers is that the movie is not complete without having both Babli and Bunty. We see many movies wherein Babli is a showpiece in the movie and has nothing much to do in the story. Similarly, there are movies where Babli is the lead role and Bunty will be just behind here or sitting somewhere. There are many examples of such movies and when we see definitely we will also get a similar feeling. The audience also may like that approach only.
    Rani is a very good actor and there are many movies in which her performance alone made the movie hit. So I think she can make the film successful even though there is no male lead role in her films.

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    The underlying message appears to be that if a woman is capable of carrying herself and moving forward without any support, she need not rely on any Bunty.

    I haven't seen the movie, so, no comments.

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    Yes, it is a valid point that the director may feel that a duo is required to draw in the audience, as not all films with only a lady in the lead role with no hero as such would be a commercial success. And, yes, Saji got the message.

    Another aspect of the sequel that I definitely did not like was the opening scenes and the double innuendoes in the dialogues that cropped up in those scenes. When you market a film as one for the whole family, should vulgarity feature in it? There was absolutely no necessity even for all that. I also think it is unnecessary to show a kid sort of flirting with a little girl. I do not find anything cute in these types of scenes in any film.

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