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    Which role do you think would be more difficult to enact?

    When we watch a movie or serial, we see different characters in it. Some are negative roles, some are humorous, some are happy or sad, etc. Every artist plays his role in different characters and there is a combination of hard work and the story which makes a movie or serial a hit.

    There was a time when an actor who plays the lead role was shown as a human with all positive traits, but with time lead actors are also seen in negative roles. According to you, which type of role is more difficult to play and which is easier? I feel it is probably easiest to play a decent well-mannered person's role, whereas negative or comedy roles are more challenging. The real artist is the one who moulds himself in every role and proves to be the best in that form.
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    There cannot be hard and fast rule for a actor as to which role he want to play. It is the director and producer would decide as to whom would be the best actor to churn out the real character as sought by the script. Here I want to mention about a Telugu Film called Shankarabaranam made by great director Vishwanath and he has chosen a govt servant for the lead role and almost forgotten actress Manju Bhargavi for other role. There is no hero or heroine and thus the director chosen outsider and not so fame. But the way he could get best out of Somayajulu was stupendous and the film is regarded the best in Telugu Industry. Here in this movie the single character was so powerful without any vulgarity but giving credence for carnatic music and thus we are treated with different story never heard in the past.
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    Different actors are given different roles in a film or a movie. These are distributed as per the talent of the participating actors and the storyline. In Hindi movies generally the hero will be the good person and will have some good qualities so that the people viewing the movie accept him as the hero. Most of the times there would be a villain also.
    Now a good actor will do justice with his role whatever assigned to him. He will not differentiate between the roles depending on there relative easiness of acting. A good actor will perform very nicely whatever the role he is assigned to.
    There are some actors who can only do a particular type of role. It means that they are not confident enough to do all sorts of roles and then we can't say that they are good actors.

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    As human beings, we are all managing different roles during different stages of our life. A female will start her journey as a daughter, sister and slowly becomes wife, daughter in law, then mother and moves to grandmother. She has to do justice for all her roles in life. She can't escape from any role. The same is the case with a gent also.
    In the same way, the actor has to do justice to any role accepted. An actor who can do any type of role and can make the viewers happy is good. I have seen only one such actor that is Senior NT Rama Rao. He played almost all types of roles during his film career and did justice to all the roles he has accepted. When he accepted the role of Ravan, he has shown all the feelings that are expected to be shown by Ravana.
    The storyline decides how one actor has to perform and viewers will have some expectations and the actor should satisfy those expectations. A good actor should be able to do justice to any role he accepts.

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