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    The comfort of a mother's lap is always unique.

    I know that every person knows the importance of the word mother and we always keep mother at a place of respect in our life. Nevertheless, many times children start feeling big in themselves after growing up, then their new world is created. In any world there is happiness and there is also trouble. If there is enjoyment, there is also stress. But the one place where a man can only find peace is the mother's lap.

    I am part of a joint family, so I have always seen my father when he was upset, keeping his head in grandmother's lap, he just kept calm for some time without saying anything and grandmother kept stroking his head, but it is like as all the stress ends with that loving touch of the mother. It is not that the role of the father is less, the comfort that is in the mother's lap is probably nowhere.
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    After reading this post I was transported to a real happening in a one of my birthday celebrations of mine when a friend and also some relatives asked me about what was my best period of happiness in life. My answer was those first one year of my birth when I was always in the lap of my mother, and probably I was having the most security, most comfort, no worries, nothing to ask and everything got and fed at time and what else when a baby has the rest on the mother's lap which is a totally comfort zone for a child as the warmth, the lullaby, and that loving touch made through the hands gently on the forehead would make us sleep without thinking anything. Probably everyone is gifted to have the mother's warmth and no one can match that character. Even after grown up we are always child to mother and feel like sleeping on her lap.
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    There is no doubt about it. I am retired now and my mother is 80 years old. But whenever I am upset, I make a call to her and talk to her so that I will become normal. We are in this world because of our parents only. Mother carried us in her body for 9 months. After coming out also she will try to keep the child with her as long as possible in her lap and feed the baby so that the baby will not feel hungry. In this world mother only can recognise the hunger of her children. My mother's first question every day whenever I phone up will be 'did you eat?' A mother only knows the hunger of her children. So mother and father are the Gods for their kids on this earth. That is why the children should take care of their parents during their old age. It is not that by sending every month some money we can say we are taking care of them. They want a hand that can hold them when they are in need and that hand should be from their kids.
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