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    The modes of entertainment also change with time.

    When I was young, we never go to the movies during the summer holidays because we had many ways of entertainment. I always remember, in childhood, when all of us children used to go to see the circus with the elders of our family, there were different types of wonders, the fun of clowns, cycling competition of dogs, fire games, well of bikes or bike games, etc. to enjoy apart from this, magician's show, exhibition where there used to be many swings. Days were spent reading comics, there were many ways of entertainment with which the holidays were easily passed. But in today's time, entertainment is either a movie, or spend time in a restaurant, sometimes parks, there are not many other ways to see it, and after a time they also become boring. The old ways of entertainment should continue in the same way even today and people should have their value.
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    Absolutely. I believe with time everything has to change a little. It might not be always the best change however it is necessary. In the past, as the author mentioned entertainment was about spending time with family, going out, reading book and so on. However it the present it is more about the place or thing that binds the family rather than the family itself. A think one of the biggest attributes of such a change is lack of time, even children are as busy as adults due to their immense pressure of school work and mostly both of their parents are working so they are only able to a limited time together. Another reason is that a lot of entrainment that we had in the past aren't available in the present. The circus for example is a forgotten concept, in big cities there aren't many circuses, only occasionally one can visit a circus. Even the comic books are replaced therefore they aren't so easily available like that of past. I won't say it bad, change is constant however I do believe that a mixture of all entertainment would be perfect.
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    When I was a school student our entertainment in our village is to hear Radio, go to the river shore nearby on foot and read magazines. Even there are no TVs. As time passed many new ways of entertainment are coming. These days everything is virtual. A smartphone in the hand is complete entertainment. Nothing more is required. Once in w while going out and eating out is another type of entertainment. Chatting with friends on phone is also entertainment these days. Like this as time passes new ways of entertainment will come and get a lot of popularity. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the platforms many people use for their entertainment.
    Based on the age of the individual also we will see different people using different types of entertainment ways. An old man likes TV for certain programmes which talks about God and related fields. A young person may like to watch some game shows etc. A kid may like to watch cartoons. That is how the ways of entertainment with age will also change.

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    Nicely said by the author as we grow up the childhood entertainment is lost and we are trying to pass the time on movies or playing games on the mobile phones. Gone are the childhood days when we used to go to the big mountain near our house and would start writing our names by chiseling with a sharp stone and the wordings would stay with some message and date. And when we visit again, we recollect those friends who are now scattered and living somewhere but their writing on the stone is still in tact. Now a days the children are not allowed to get out of the house nor having any outdoor games no matter it may be village games or childhood games. And the elders are also forgetting the connect they had those days and they are also keeping quiet as the modern parents silence them to easy chair.
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    If people will again bring interest in the old entertainment methods along with the new, then it will come out in a very positive form. A large section who is associated with those entertainments will also get employment and we will also have various options for entertainment.

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    The means and modes of entertainment change with time. There are many reasons for it and main reasons are the changes in the technology and changes in the mindset of people that makes them to choose new avenues of entertainment.
    In my childhood when I lived in my village then we used to make pistols using a hollow stem piece from a particular plant and pushing a piston type of rod through its one side that forced a fruit seed out with a good sound and we were all thrilled with that shoot out. At that time we did not have comics, radio, or any other such thing and were innovatively using the natural things around. We played games with pebbles and stone pieces but they were as entertaining as today's advanced computer games. So entertainment avenues change with time and newer means will always be evolving and will be available in the market.

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    Mode of entertainment always changes with the ages. During our young stage we were rather interested to go for movies of our likings. Those days the only source of entertainment for viewing films was to visit nearby cinema hall. There could be heavy rush making us compelled to have tickets on blacks but that that did not change our temptation for viewing the pictures .Then we would like to see the football matches to be played by Mohan Bagan and West Indies and between two different players. Then Coloured TV came up in 1985 providing us different channels. Serials of Mahabharata and Ramayan were witnessed with a great funfairs.
    This time I enjoyed Yoga and old songs through my smartphone. Hence mode of entertainment is always changeable with the advancement of ages and attitudes .

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