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    Competition in society.

    In India the trend of comparing people, we tend to compare with everyone, parents compare their children with other children. Students compare themselves with other students, relatives compare the children with other children and what not. This comparison creates competition among them. As long as the competition is positive, its healthy, but most times the competition tends to be negative and unhealthy, being so competitive makes students against each other. Everyone is busy fighting for survival and winning. This sense of always trying to rule over the other person sometimes tend to become negative. Parents, while always comparing grades and skills of their children to that of another , unknowingly creates unhealthy competition. Students tend to compete without having motive of learning but with the motive of winning.
    What are your views in this?
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    In my opinion, it is not good to compare one with the other. There are many factors that are having a say in the development of the individual. The atmosphere in the family, the financial status of the family, the mentality of the people in the lives etc will have an impact on the mentality of the individual. So when we want to compare one with the other, we should take all these points also into consideration. But parents sometimes compare their children who are performing much better. That will give a negative impact on the individual and may have adverse effects. So we should not do that.
    A person may be very which and may be commuting is a Benz car. If we compare ourselves with him and start worrying, there will be no end to difficulties. One should understand their status and behave accordingly but should not go with false prestige.

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    Yes the competition is hotting up and we have to compete with ourselves and surpass our own record. The yesterday's performance must be our benchmark and we cannot perform below that and at least be equal to that. Same way the students must plan their studies in such a way that they stay in the competition of getting good marks and should not get bad remarks compared to last exam. If we portray ourselves as the formidable than others from the beginning , then we have the compulsion to main the stream and for that one step ahead performance always necessary to score even one mark more than envisaged. When the survival of the fittest is the hall mark now, then we cannot lag behind and should put all round efforts to outscore others. Yes we have to look for 360 degree dimension so that none should surpass us.
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    A good thread by the author. The society we are a part of today has indeed become an important element as competition and the spirit of competition is being absorbed from the elders to the children. Comparing has never been right but no one understands this and keeps on comparing constantly. When parents compare children with other children, then parents may find it positive, but it has a negative effect on the children. Comparison in any form removes the person from satisfaction because when you start getting your satisfaction in a comparative way then till the end you cannot be satisfied because there is no end to comparison. So do not stop yourself and if you want to compete but with yourself first, every time try to make yourself one step better than yourself, you yourself will be the best.

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    When competition is there comparison will also be there. The basic idea of comparison is to motivate the person for doing better. It is also true that it should be done in the positive and healthy way so that the person is really motivated and encouraged to do better.
    While comparing we should also keep some ground realities in our mind that we should not compare a person with someone who is doing exceedingly well and we very well know that by giving that tough benchmark the person will not be able to achieve such a thing and would be highly discouraged. So, we must give a benchmark or comparison based on the upper limit of expected performance by that person. That would be a positive and healthy approach to the situation.

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