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    People are increasing stress by troubling themselves for perfection.

    We have been hearing and saying this proverb for a long time, that no one is perfect and everyone has some good and some drawback, as it is very normal to happen. But with the increasing advancement, everyone is moving towards development, which is a good effort.

    But in order to make themselves the best or perfect in everything, some people force themselves to suffer. Finding perfection in every small thing for oneself in front of the world or even for oneself creates stress many times and sometimes this tension increases so much that a person does not find himself mentally stable.

    Learning new, adopting good, being better and better, etc. are definitely good habits but.......

    "Don't just keep making yourself perfect all the time, but also live what you have got."

    Keep in mind and be aware that you do not get lost by distancing yourself from yourself, just due to perfection.
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    Absolutely true. The major convict for our stress is ourselves. We got tension in the name of perfection in any matter. It is not possible to see more perfection in any matter. Everywhere we can see some tolerance level to some percentage. In some houses parents expect perfect utterance in words from children but they are not thinking that they are children and day by day they get improve themselves. With that expectation they raise their stress more and more by worrying on this or correcting them.
    Similarly a relative of mine gave their side house for a tenant with all formalities perfectly done even by submitting police station intimation etc. In the agreement the tenant mentioned his occupation as catering. Suddenly the Corona issue raised everywhere. So this tenant did not have any job of catering outside that is for marriage like functions. So he decided to sell food to needy persons on request in the surrounding areas. Accordingly he prepare some foods and sweets etc., on receiving orders. The daughter of the house owner came form other city raised a problem that the tenant would spoil house by cooking in the house. Though they do in small level this creates tension in the house owner person and his wife on the words of their daughter. This tension raised the BP of them and they started to ask the tenant to vacate the house by saying that they are ready to give the advance and notice amount to them.

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    Thinking of perfection always is not good. The meaning of perfection will vary from person to person. What you think is perfect may not be perfect to the other person.
    Going up to 99% may take some time but making it 100% is very difficult. The time and the energy we spent on that will be very high and it is worthy to attempt a new task and leaving the task which we performed already up to 99% perfect. When we are starting a new work our idea about the outcome will be difficult. But when we go to some extent our ideas will change and our aim will also change. This is the real problem in our lives.
    Even in product development also if you want to make a product 100% perfect and then release it to market, you can never do it. You have to release the product and see the customer reception and accordingly we have to do the changes required so that product will go well in the market.

    always confident

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    When perfection is the hall mark of life and everything is centered around it right from the initiation and to the end the perfection part is must to gain the result and be satisfied. When the things are new and being tried by many the perfection then the start should be great. If the start is great our future course of action is made known to others and thus the competitors would feel defeated at half way and by adopting concerted effort we are going from good, better and best stage and thereby there is no going back. In this melee we do trouble ourselves and even spend money and time to get into the niche of perfection. Yes, too much dedication would bring us the shock of life when the things go beyond our imagination and the so called perfection is not achieved. We are doomed and cannot come out of the situation so easily.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we undertake a job or task then we try to complete it in the best possible manner. Many times we yearn for perfection also. Sometime it is necessary to think of doing things perfectly because if we don't think like that then we may just do the things in a casual way and the outcome will not be as desired. It is also true that just by thinking that we will be doing things perfectly we are not going to achieve that. Still a feeling of doing things in a perfect manner is a great trait and by doing that though we may not achieve the best results but we will always be trying to achieve in that direction. So when people say that this thing is to be done in a perfect way it doesn't mean that they would be doing that really in that best manner. It only says that we should try to do it in the best possible manner and in that chain of efforts the job will be done in a better way. It is something like trying to do our best and getting better results in the due course. So the main idea is improving ourselves with time.
    Knowledge is power.

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    'A stich in time saves nine' This proverb seems to be apt for perfectionist as they don't leave anything they undertake incomplete. In the process,if the outcome of their work is no satisfactory,they try to do it again which releases their anxiety and ends up in stress.

    development and perfection goes hand in hand. Because of perfection, development takes place.

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