Are online exams and classes worthy?

With changing environment and pandemic stuck around, it was the need of the hour to shift to online teaching and online exams. Many universities stood by the change, changed the pattern of exams, the style of teaching, whereas many universities were still waiting for the end of pandemic and offline classes. Many universities with great infrastructure shifted to online exams though online apps or through video calls, whereas many universities still are based on scanning the answer sheet and uploading, which doesn't guarantee whether the exam was written by the student or even whether it was googled or not. Although there is a huge crisis in the market for recent pass outs, but many companies have posted in their advertisements restricting the 2020 pass outs to apply for the same, which is unfair towards them.
But with such shift towards online exams and lack of infrastructure, students barely know their syllabus, students almost graduated with 6 months knowledge and many more are going to graduate without any knowledge on their subject. What is the viability of these pass outs?