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    Jokes to relax please

    1)One lady: Why your husband sold his car and bought an ambulance?
    Other lady: Since then he received 'Doctor' award, he changed himself this type and he is calling me also 'Nurse'.

    2)Wife: Though I reached 56 years, one of your friend told me I am keeping myself as young. Guess who is that friend of you?
    Husband: That Ranganathan, living in the corner of our street?
    Wife: Exactly, How you guess?
    Husband: Don't you know? He is a scrap dealer.

    3)Teacher: (in the class room)Students! Suppose any of you see a time bomb in the entrance of the school, what you will do?
    Student: I will wait for five minutes and then I will take that to Headmaster's room to handover.

    4)A lady went to an interview to get driving license. Inspector asked her a question but without satisfying he refused the license. Angered lady went to RTO and made complaint. RTO enquired the inspector. Inspector narrates:
    The question asked by me was while driving her car, if she saw an old lady on the way, a pretty boy came across, a big stone on the other side. What you will do in that situation. But first time she told that she would cross the boy, second time she told she would avoid the lady thirdly she replied she boldly rode over the stone. In no answer she told that she would apply brake.

    5)Wife: Dear! What tiffin you would like to have this evening?
    Astonished husband, with eager: Rava dosa and kesari!
    Wife: okey dear order the same online for both of us.
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    As usual, the author presented very good jokes and provided a way to relax. I enjoyed all the jokes. They are all unique and the best joke is the joke of the scrap dealer. Once in a while to have such jokes is a part of our entertainment.
    always confident

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    As usual the jokes were fresh and very enjoyable on this Sunday afternoon. The first joke has a dig at those who get their doctorate and actually are not the doctors in real. The second joke is very hilarious as the husband really underestimated his wife to the hilt. The third joke was foolish best portrayed , the fourth joke was the real thing and the same being happening at the RTA on line classes as many are failing and the last joke was awesome.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sequel to his earlier posts, the author has posted some nice jokes to freshen the minds of the readers visiting this page. All the jokes are interesting bringing smile to our faces.
    Knowledge is power.

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