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    How to be calm during Interviews?

    No matter how much we prepare ourselves, no matter how much we study but interviews are about what can you do at the moment. When it comes to interviews impression matters a lot, but often candidates find themselves nervous, with feelings that they will forget everything to the extent that they don't know anything and often fumble uncontrollably despite knowing answers to the question raised. In such a how should a candidate control his/her nervousness and take the interview calmly? If you have any suggestions, tips and tricks up your sleeves do share them.
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    That is true. How you perform in the interview will have a lot of impact on the people who are on the other side of the board. When we attend an interview for a job we will be very anxious and we may be thinking about what they will ask. Our mind may be giving some hints and maybe working on those. But if we stop thinking about that we will have peace of mind and when the mind is at peace it will help you better. So it is always better to be cool before we go for an interview and even a written test also for that matter.

    I used to divert my mind from the thoughts about the interview by switching on the sound on my mobile and used to hear them. If there is no phone I used to read newspapers or some magazines so that the thoughts of the interview will never occupy my mind. I did this many times and I got good results. As you become more and more experienced facing an interview will not be a problem for you.

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    This is the very good question posed by the author. Normally at the interview on seeing so many candidates being called and when see the reaction of their faces coming out with sad mood, we are already half defeated and find ourselves to much catchy situation. Do not mind at all. All candidates are not equal and the interviewer would not ask the same question as posed to other. Never discuss with any candidate as to what would be the course of interview and what they asked inside. By coming to know the negativeness from the out going candidate, there are every chance getting nervous even before entering the room. So be courageous and keep on preparing yourself as to how to best present, how to give respect and how to say things when asked for, and do not reveal anything extra beyond the question.
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    While attending an interview, never forget to maintain calmness prior to attending the interview. We remain unnecessarily worried what type of questions are to be put to us during the interview session. More we think on this more we are perturbed. It would be necessary to pacify our mind by diverting the same either through the mobile or going through through the news items of some channels appearing on the YouTube in our smartphone. We should not rush to an outgoing candidate to know he faced the interview and how he tackled the interview. Such queries are not helpful for any interview. We must face the interview with a calm manner, listen to the board and our presentation should be to the point, not lengthy ones to irritate the board.

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    Interview is definitely a challenging time for all the candidates even those who are having a good knowledge of subject as well as having a good general knowledge. So in addition to the knowledge one has to have self confidence to face the interview board.
    Generally, those students who can present in front of an audience and are habitual of making presentations and giving lectures will have a better confidence while facing the interview board. But other students can also participate in group discussions or debate or something of that nature which inculcate confidence in them. By practicing like that they will definitely gain more self confidence and will be able to face interview board easily.

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    I think it is normal for most people to be nervous during an interview. No matter how knowledgeable a person may be or know everything about his field but how he presents it becomes more important when we are in interviews. A few days ago, I had brought a thread regarding knowledge and interview, in which the importance of interviews was discussed. It has also been seen many times in interviews when a person who has less knowledge but his confidence is so strong that the person taking the interview is very impressed. The main objective of the interview is about knowledge but at the same time, it is also seen how you respond in different situations. It is not necessary that a person knows everything, but whether you have the art of understanding and learning what you do not know, is more important. I think when we find ourselves confident even without knowing everything we may feel less nervous in an interview.

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