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    Pathetic performance by TS first year Intermediate students

    The Telangana government has to be blamed for the pathetic performance by TS first year Intermediate students as the pass percentage was dropped from 56 percent to 49 percent this year. We all know that last year the state government has made everyone promoted to second year due to pandemic situation and suddenly they announced that the exam be held for the first year also when they are already in the midst of second year. Having confused with the subjects and portions, the students could not fare well and thus only 49 percent were passed and the parents getting worried because Intermediate pass percentage considered for higher education and thus TS students are in great trouble.
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    The performance of the students in TS was pathetic due to sudden disclosure of the authorities regarding the examination of the first year even though such an announcement was made earlier giving them enough time for the preparations. Though it is true that there was the drop of the pass marks from 56 to 49.
    This reflects nothing but unpreparedness for the students to prepare the forthcoming examination. The faults don't lie with the students for the poor performance but the administration, too, cannot be absolved to for such a lapse. Our students irrespective of TS students, behaviour patterns are almost matching for the entire community of our country.
    They are not serious enough to take enough caution for the preparation of subjects once the chapters are already taught. They start preparations only when the examinations knock their doors.

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    The students are not given notice about the examination sufficiently. The students are already in a confusion because of the pandemic situation. They are of the opinion that they may be getting promoted automatically without any examination. But examinations were conducted within short notice and many of the students couldn't fare well. Only 49% cleared the examinations. Now the parents and students are blaming the state government for the way they conducted the examinations.
    A student should learn the subject irrespective of passing or failing. This concept has gone and students think that just managing examinations somehow and managing pass marks is the requirement. The parents of students should explain to their children the importance of learning irrespective of examinations.

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    This is an unusual situation because during the pandemic the students were promoted just like that as there was no way to take exam to assess their score and marks. Once the pandemic situation improved the education department took a decision in a hurry to assess the students so that a proper assessment can be made. As the time given to students was less naturally they could not prepare for the exams in a better way. But this low scoring is the temporary phenomena because now the students will be preparing well for their forthcoming examinations and would score better.
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    Now the next level is further more challenging as the Universities would take light of passing out in supplementary and thus getting seat is more problematic.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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