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    How many of you have the habit of taking lunch directly

    Since the Covid effect started I changed my food time by 10.30 am. Direct lunch after two times coffee/health drink. This is not a new one. This also an old traditional practice only. This trend is named by some people as 'brunch' that is food between breakfast and lunch time.
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    During my childhod I used to take food before going to school at about 9 AM. In the school we got some small refreshment from the Govt side and then after coming from the school we used to eat some little food and then in the night we had the full dinner. That was the pattern those days and almost everyone followed that except a few high class families. During my active service period I started to take breakfast, lunch, and dinner as others were taking but after my retirement I again switched back to the old system that is taking my food in the morning by 10 AM and in place of lunch I take a little bit of snacks and that also by 3/4 PM and then take the dinner by 8 PM. So whether you call it heavy breakfast or brunch I take my food well ahead of lunch time. Somehow I feel comfortable with this arrangement.
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    I recall up old days when we had to regularly attend our schools at 10 am sharp and to maintain the punctuality of the school schedule, we had to to take our breakfast or lunch whatever you might call the same at around 9:15 hrs. Though there was a break for half an hours at 1:30 just have snacks, but most of us would not like to have any snack during this period. After the closure of the school at 4:30, pm, we just took minor snacks and at around 9:30 pm, we were habituated for the dinner. Even during this retirement time, I have reverted back to mu old system as followed in the student-life.
    Such an arrangement is well suited to me except in a few moments when need to carry out some jobs Care needs to be taken for the light meals at this juncture to avoid acidity issues.

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    Normally I do not take lunch directly. Breakfast is must for a healthy living. It is said that take breakfast like a king, take lunch like a prince and have dinner like a beggar. This has its meaning. Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. In your case, you skip breakfast and take lunch directly. But some people skip breakfast in a week or fortnight. This is called intermittent fasting (straight 16 hours) if you take your lunch directly after the previous night's dinner around 7-8 pm. Intermittent fasting has its own benefits. In your case, I do not think you are fasting for straight 16 hours. If you implement this habit, it will give you benefits of intermittent fasting like reduction in weight, reduction in sugar level, and many more.
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    Being a diabetic patient, breakfast is the must for me and that is continuing ever since and we need to send our children also for office and college and therefore we all three have the breakfast and daughter would carry lunch box with her and my son has the lunch at the office canteen, and I shall come back for the lunch, so rice is taken only for one time and the night dinner also ends up with light items and not the rice. This has been the practice in our house. But one doctor told me that by skipping rice, it is not going to have any impact on sugar levels and that is the myth. How far it is true we do not know but in our house the rice is served for one time in the afternoon. And the eating habits and time depends on the work and need of the households in many homes and there cannot be fixed schedules and menus.
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    My food schedule has remained the same for many years, which has never changed much. I am in the habit of eating only twice and now that has become a part of my eating style. My first meal in the morning is done around 10:30 to 11:00, now one can consider it breakfast or even lunch, but after that, it does not say anything later in the day. The next mile is mine straight between evening and night around 7 PM to 8 PM which is my dinner. I have been following this method for many years, so now I find it the most convenient and probably it is quite healthy too. I have been advised many times by some people that breakfast is very important but my inclination has always been more towards Ayurveda and I like to follow the same system which our ancestors used to do. I am happy that by continuing the same routine, I feel more healthy and energetic.

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    I know some people who started practising intermittent fasting. That is the gap between the last meal of the day and the first meal of the next day should have a minimum of 16 hours gap. But later on, they stopped that saying that they are getting digestion problems. Somebody can share their knowledge on this.
    I take coffee in the early morning which is around 8 AM. After that around 10.00 AM, I take fruit like some pieces of Bopai or apple or a part of the banana. Then my lunch will be around 1.30 PM and finally, the dinner will be at 8 PM. This is the system I will be following.
    We can tune the body the way we wanted. The only thing is we should not change the systems as we like which will have a big say on our bodies. That is why make a procedure you want and follow the same without changing unless otherwise there is a big compulsion.

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