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    The boy who tells lies and his christmas gift

    Nirmal was a student of class 2 and was a well-behaved boy. His age was around 7 years and he was an intelligent child. He was the only child of his parents and they loved him much. Being the single child in the house he was a bit pampered also and many times took advantage of that fact from time to time.
    His parents were happy with him except for his habit of telling lies. Somehow Nirmal picked this bad habit and was telling lies in such an innocent manner that parents could not believe that he was telling lies and many times were much annoyed by that.
    His father Rajan was worried about this because if it was not corrected in time then this bad trait would be remaining there in Nirmal for life long. Rajan was always thinking as to how to make Nirmal realise that telling lies was not a good thing and he must stop that habit. Rajan knew that Nirmal was only a kid and he may not be understanding the adverse side of that bad habit. Rajan thought about it and finally decided that this correction has to be done psychologically so that Nirmal get rid of that bad habit.
    Next week Christmas was there and about six days before that Nirmal's birthday fell. Rajan decided that he would not give Nirmal any birthday gift. Rajan took his camera with him and went to the market and took the photo of the Santa Clause that he had earlier seen in a big shopping store on the side of its entry. He took the picture from quite near a distance so that it looked real. Rajan did not buy any gift for Nirmal on his birthday and Nirmal was very sad about not getting a gift that time on his birthday and was asking his father the reason for it. Rajan flatly told him that a few days ago when he was coming from the office during late hours he met Santa Clause who had told him that no gifts are to be given to the children, on their birthdays or Christmas time, who tell lies. He showed the photograph of the Santa Clause to him. Nirmal was shocked to hear that. It meant that he would be losing his Christmas gift also.
    Within a few days, Nirmal's frequency of telling lies reduced much and by the month-end, he was not telling lies.
    Rajan was happy to note that his method had worked and then during some festival time he brought a good gift for Nirmal and told him that stopping telling lies means more gifts would be due. Nirmal was happy with his gift and vowed not to tell lies.

    This is the story entry with reference to Christmas story contest.
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    Normally children are not taught to tell lies and the parents would take care in this respect, but when the children aim something and here in this case the Christmas gift, the telling lies has been used to garner the same.
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    It is good that the child thought that gifts are more important for him than telling lies. To stop the child from telling lies, the father has to tell some lies to the child. No problem as he did it with good intentions and made his son alright. A good story from the author in which he showed the importance of Christmas gifts to the children and how they like those gifts.
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    Nice story with moral touch up, the parent often come with unique ways to teach children the moral values and these unique ways and lessons stay with children for long. Whatever method is used by parents child always feels proud of his parents the way they pushed him/her in the right direction be it lure, punishment or practical experiments. My father has always opted for such methods for us as told in a story and I always feel thankful for his ways even if they felt unique at that time. He always came up with such stories and I loved the way he taught us so many important lessons of life through stories.
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    A good story has been presented by the author which gives a glimpse of normal life, often start lying about small things, in some cases parents postpone it but in many cases, it becomes a serious problem. Like lying, giving excuses for not doing homework, lying to not going to school is common, but then children also lie about money, friends, etc. When this habit of lying becomes a part of the daily life of the children, they themselves come to know, and then there is a time when the lie is revealed by the child. Handle such situations wisely same as a father in the story did. Due to scolding etc., the child's mentality can go in the wrong direction and other people can also take advantage of it, so first understand the child's state of mind, then what is the reason children are lying, find the solution for the reason in the text.

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