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    Cultural identity is an outstanding aspect of every society

    Cultural identity is the identity of tribes and societies through cultural clans, ethnicity, what they wear, their religion and their languages. These characteristics become symbols of the cultural identity of a society. Every nation has its own unique cultural identity that represents them in the world. If we look at our own country, it is a diverse and multi-faceted nation adopting many different cultures. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is imprinted with beautiful cultures of different states. Suppose people in Kashmir have great winter wear 'Pheran' – a long gown that protects them from freezing temperatures. People take firepot under the 'Pheran' to keep themselves warm in winter. Similarly, different societies have different outstanding cultural identity that adds to the beauty of the society. How do you feel about your culture? Share your experience.
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    The cultural identity surely connects with our wearing clothes and in South this is followed strictly. The other day I had been to Ved Bhavan near my house and found that children between the age of 7 to 15 years are learning the Vedas in group under the patronage and guide of vedic pandits and thus they get up early in the morning and sit with wearing a veshti and nothing on the body and exposed to the cold climate. But that does not matter as the children are habituated as they recite the Vedas, we like, as we have been transported to another world of great spirituality and the vibration felt there would make us shame that we have been wearing modern dress to protect the chill and those children are exposed to the weather. That is the cultural identity for the author from one of the South state Telangana.
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    Cultural identity is a very important aspect for an individual because most of the individuals adhere to their culture identity as per the culture to which they belong. Every culture has its own set of rules and regulations and way of life. Following that gives a great satisfaction to the people who believe in that particular culture.
    Most of these cultures in our country and also across the world are affected greatly by the western culture and to that extent all these cultures are getting modified to less or more extent. Accordingly our food habits and types of clothes we are wearing is modified to a good extent.
    Still, many of the basic features are well preserved and people are following them religiously.

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    Yes, definitely cultural identity is an important part of a lifestyle that should be adopted by the people. Different cultures have different values and different traditions, it was a time when everyone follows their culture in the best manner as they can but slowly some people start ignoring these cultural values. If I talk about my area here such cultural values becoming less, mostly ladies follow their cultural values but gents generally avoid them. It's not that like again I am making discrimination here but I have seen many places where an occasion or festival or worship functions, ladies wearing saree, and it is compulsory for them but many gents do not wear Dhoti but normal shirt pant. But I notice, in south Indian state and northeast states, their people actually still follow their cultural uniform especially in worships, and I think this should be followed by everyone as per the culture, it actually helps us to be down to earth and connected with the root.

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    Every culture will have its own aspects and as long as the people of that society follows the same culture, the cultural significance of that particular culture will go on and we can easily identify that. In South India, if you go to villages, all the farmers use Dhotis as their dress material. They may wear a shirt or a top kandava. By seeing the way they wear that we can understand that they are from so and so area. But slowly some of them started wearing pants and t the cultural signature is getting vanished. Like this many changes are taking place in the culture of the people. In our Telugu States in marriage functions, there was a practice to serve the food to the guests after making them sit on the ground. The food was being served in banana leaves. But slowly table meals and the buffet system has come into existence. Like this people are getting attracted towards other cultures and losing their own methods and ways.
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