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    Where our deleted data goes from cell phone or computer ?

    Across the world we use the cell phone and computers and in the process of work we are removing the unwanted data to clear the junk and when delete where our data goes from cell phone or computer ? This is the big question bothering me very often. When we clean something the thrash would be sent to some place and should be identified. The cell phone operators who control our entire day to day activities must be having toe of our data base even removed by us. Subsequently the computer and phones are also controlled by the manufacturers and therefore they are also must be having access to our rejected and removed data base. Please respond.
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    In any computer or mobile device there is is an internal storage where all the data is stored. In a mobile device in addition to the internal storage, we also use a removable external storage (SD card) which is generally fitted inside the mobile device or inserted in a side slot.
    Now there is a file management software or application which manages the files and shows them to us. When we delete a file it remains on the internal storage only in its deleted form but does not appear to us.
    It is interesting to note that there are some softwares using which we can recover these files and bring them back in sight.
    Please note that as the internal storage is also limited so it will not be able to keep all the deleted files in it in that hidden avatar and some files will be deleted permanently in order of their seniority of deletion or size.
    So it is the software that is making us to feel that the files are deleted. Many of them especially those deleted recently are existing there only in hidden form.
    In our laptops or desktops we have a recycle bin which acts as a buffer between and we can recover the files back easily but once they are deleted we have to use special applications to track them and recover them.
    Investigating agencies use specialised software to retrieve the deleted data in the mobiles and computers if that still exist in that hidden form.
    Please also note that when you format the internal storage all the data is lost and that is the reason that we are advised to keep a copy of the data in some external hard drive or pen drive before we format.

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    All the computers will have a recycle bin. When we remove or delete any item from our computer they will go to that recycle bin. Please note that what we removed from emails will not go to that bin. When we see the recycle bin we can find all these items there. But we can't open them. If you want to retrieve them you can retrieve them by clicking on restore. You can delete the times from that bin also by permanently deleting them. But when we remove them permanently where it will go is the point which I am also not sure about. Probably the matter will get erased from the file so that we will not have that information available anywhere on the computer.
    When we delete something from the smartphone also, the matter will get erased and you will not find the matter in the concerned file. I think any software specialist can throw much light on this issue.

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    As the data are kept as a certain arrangement deletion is changing that arrangement and bringing back to the default blank space arrangement. As the same is done within the given space, there is nothing 'going out'. It is only a re-sorting or formatting.

    However this deletion goes through certain stages till is fully deleted irrecoverably.

    Thus 'Re-cycle bin' is a temporary stage where the deleted dat goes first. This is a protection to retrieve any data deleted by mistake. So when a data is deleted and sent to Re-cycle bin, the space saving is not there. The same has to be deleted from recycle bin also to get back the space. There are certain software where one can retrieve the deleted data.

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