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    I am unable to submit my story and civilty contest

    I am right now registered in the name of Niharika. When I submit articles,threads in Forum and Ask experts,I am able to post. But,when I tried to submit my story and the contest ', Civilian I am unable to post. I want to participate in all the contests further announced. Even I am unable to contact any member on any member on My messages as I am still a bronze member. After,the contests are over ,and results are announced,I will change my password of my old account where I was posting under the name of ' Lokhi' since 2014. But due to my husband's I'll health I had stopped posting and rejoined ISC. Please advise me as I am not good at technology I am unable to do much .
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    Niharika, I don't understand why you are unable to post the story and thread for the TOW contest when you could post this thread. I don't think there is any technical issue. Try again. Are you asking about the clickable link to be provided?
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    Yes. I need the link to post my story and other contests.

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    The link for the help topic on how to put a clickable link is already given in the TOW announcement thread. Hope you have read the contest threads properly. In both cases, you have to submit the entries as a thread and then provide a clickable link to your entry in the contest thread.

    Coming to changing your password, we had already guided you in this connection a few days back. Why wait for the contests to be over? You can change your password anytime and you can then post the entries as Radha Muralidhar. That will add to your contributions and points.

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    If you are asking as how to create a hyperlink or create a clickable link then please go to the help section in this site and under that there is a menu item 'HTML' under which there are many help topics about how to create a HTML link or other things usually done in HTML like listing of items etc.
    Once you learn those basic things in HTML then making a link would be easy.
    You can directly go to that resource by clicking here also.

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    You are already an established writer and now you have logged with new ID and name. As suggested by the lead editor you have already been guided to change to old name and proceed to participate.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When you are able to open and read this section and post your grievances here, how you can't participate in any of the contests. There is no rule that Bronze members can't participate in these contests. You may be having problems in giving internal links and you can go to the help topics. In that, this point is discussed and given all the support required for the same. For your ready reference, I am giving you the link. How to create a hyperlink (clickable link) to other pages?
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    I am sorry when I log in the log in page shows Niharika repeatedly and I am unable to open Lokhi.
    I still don't know how to proceed with my old account.

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    Instead of wasting time trying the old account or vacillating between that and the new one, why don't you simply put up your threads with the respective contest entries? Even if you are unable to understand how to give the direct link, you could submit the URL in text format in a response in the contest announcement threads. You can learn about the HTML link by the time the next set of contests comes around.

    Do take the initiative to figure things out once clear guidance is given, that too repeatedly. Hurdles don't necessarily need to be jumped over; you can go around them with a detour to at least reach your goal.

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    Yes. I need the link to post my story and other contests.

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    Vandana,Good Morning ,it opens with Niharika all the time . My original link can't be accessed by me

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    Radha, there is no need to be so confused. To be frank, I think you are unnecessarily worrying. Just type out Radha Muralidhar in the search box and press 'enter', you will automatically land on your original profile page or a page that has your name on it. Click on your name to find your actual profile. Change your password as suggested and move on. Otherwise, post your content as Niharika. Please follow the guidelines provided above instead of sticking to a point.
    "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." -Robert Frost

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