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    While discussing an issue we must respect the differences

    Different people have different mindset and accordingly they perceive things differently. Due to this there are different opinions regarding a particular issue or topic. That is the reason why discussions take place between people and sometimes they even lead to conflicts or confrontations as the opinions do not match and differ significantly between them. Sometimes even ugly scenes are created as the participants resort to un parliamentary language. Difference of opinion does not mean that we start quarrelling and fighting among ourselves leaving the main topic aside.
    For healthy and productive discussions we must respect the differences and point of views raised by others. Please share your thoughts about this.
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    When the discussions takes place between the known matter persons, the on going would be smooth and trust worthy debate. But the moderator would harp in such persons to whom there is already controversy surrounding with them and they are bound to create ruckus during the discussions. Many a time the Hindu news channels organize the in studio discussions and debate on the current topics and the pitch of each participant would escalate in front of camera and sometimes there were fist cuffs between the two participants and the program has to be cut or discontinued. The moderator is responsible for maintaining a free and fair discussion and if some controversial questions are asked, then the response would be either objectionable or non printable. So we must respect the people in the chair and debate
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    DIscussions will help both the parties to understand the opinions of other people also. DIscussions will always go in a proper direction only. When a discussion is going on the moderator should see that the discussion will not go to the mode of argument. Then the outcome of the discussion will be as desired and yield fruitful results. The participants in a discussion should try to understand the points of the other person also. In some discussions, some participants will never bother what the other person is telling. They go on telling their point of view only. That will be of no use.
    The views of different persons will be different on the same issue. So one has to understand what the other person's point is and how good is that. If you feel there is something really good is there accept the same. Otherwise, leave the point there and never argue with the other person. Then only we will have a healthy discussion.

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