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    A plant can contain both nectar and poison.

    Yesterday, I was reading an article in which information was given about a plant, whose name was Corydalis. This plant is found in the Himalayan regions, which has great medicinal value, but at the same time, it can prove to be quite poisonous. The question comes that the person who can identify the distinguish the poison or nectar from that plant will be knowledgeable of that plant. If an unknown person will use it, then maybe he can make a mistake.

    This is only a matter of a plant, but sometimes many situations arise when we do not know much about any work, yet we take it in a hurry just thinking that it is not a big task. But before knowing any work in detail, one should not do anything otherwise one can spoil the work instead of handling it.

    The work is not small or big, easy or tough but every work has a specific way to handle it, and doing it in that way is the strategy to get the right and perfect result.
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    The author has drawn good parallel between the nectar and poison bearing plant Corydalis and that of drawing wisdom to choose between good and bad work before starting the same. While only the knowledgeable person can approach and know about the said plant but the God has given us the brain to use it wisely so that any task before taken up , we should know the appropriate end result for sure so that we are not put into inconvenience. For example if a milk was to be boiled, it hardly takes five to seven minutes and for that reason we cannot take it granted and do other works not caring the milk which is already about to boil and spill over. That means for every work there is a day, time and the duration through which the end results are earmarked and we are duty bound to identify and follow them.
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    here are some plants and plant products which are really poisons. But they are used in many medicines. In Telugu, we call particular plant seeds Mushidi seeds. They are really poisonous. But they are used in medicine which will be useful in curing fevers. I heard that there are people who can take snake poison but they will not have any problem. I don't know the correctness of the issue also.
    Without understanding the task, attempting it is a very difficult issue. When I was working in a company in Hyderabad, we used to take orders for new products which we never made earlier and but developed them after receiving the order and supplied them. This is like starting work without understanding the same. It is Ok sometimes we will be successful but we should try hard and should be careful in doing the task.

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    The author has used an interesting analogy to put up her thoughts in this post. Whenever we try to do something then we must observe it very meticulously. It is necessary to consider all the pros and cons of that action. We cannot just assume that the result will always be positive and good. So it makes sense in thinking properly and pondering over all details of any job or problem or project before venturing to solve it or venturing to resolve the situation. We must remember that every coin has two sides and similarly every action can have two outcomes that is success or failure.
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