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    Internship Program for Content Writing at ISC.

    A few days ago, I searched for some websites regarding online internships, in which many options were found. Some sites also advertise for content writers for internships, some of which are paid and some are also unpaid.

    This thought came to my mind that -

    Can ISC also start such a program?

    As ISC is such a platform from the beginning which is a source of income along with learning and of course we are improving ourselves here more than ever before, learning new ones. Doesn't this also seem like a kind of training or internship program, where we are improving ourselves as better writers with experiences?

    What do you think about this?
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    This is the good suggestion from author and ISC can also consider this. But internship on content writing was not heard nor came across so far and ISC should be the best site for anyone to pursue the same. Here we have made the article section in such a way that a new member has been advised to follow the step by step activities to get the final article approved. How the titles should be catchy and crispy to attract the online search, how the summary of the article must be, how the content with all details connect to the heading and finally how the author would wind up ending the article are usually guided in the resource section and these are all the main intricacies for training in the internship program. And I am sure those who are writing here also have the chance to become the best writers of the world for real.
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    ISC is a platform where members are contributing their work and depending on the quality of work they are getting points and cc for each and every contribution directly or indirectly through a maze of contests, contents, and educational information updates. So in a way it is a free internship only and those who have interest in learning and improving their content writing abilities, especially related to educational matters and career building, are taking advantage and improving while working here.
    When we pay for a training then we understand its importance and care for it much. But when we get a training free of charge then we do not understand its value. I think we must show our gratitude to ISC for providing a powerful platform for submitting our contributions and availing the inbuilt learning process.

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    I feel what we are doing here is similar to internship only. Here there are no restrictions to get admission and you can choose any section you want and you can start writing. There are guides in the form of Editors who will be guiding you and trying to help you to improve the knowledge of the member. This is something like on job training only. There is no fixed income. At the same time, you need not pay anything. You can be given money based on your performance. You can utilise the knowledge acquired here and start contributing on many other platforms and there will not be any restriction for you to write as much as you can elsewhere also.
    There is no time limit. You can continue as long as you can. As such, I feel there is no necessity for a separate internship program. Some of the members who are doing good may become content writers and Editors on this site also. In a way, ISC is training us and paying us also. That is the speciality of this platform I feel.

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    ISC is a platform offering us opportunities for strengthening our writing skills and this is really a wonderful site where we can share our emotions freely in the Forum Response. If we attempt the attempt Ask Expert Questions with valuable tips, it will benefit the other members if they face similar problems.Article Writing is an art and to get the same approved takes time since it goes on strict moderation before it gets published.
    This site provides us the excellent opportunities for enriching our knowledge due to sharing of the thoughts of the different members. It would be really a wonderful experience for the newcomers to enjoy the experience of the different members.

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    The idea is not a bad one at all, actually. It is just that it is difficult to implement as an independent program since it would mean devoting a dedicated time and effort by the admin. or editors or even members who are good content writers and it is doubtful if this would work out. What we've done over the years, instead, is to come up with threads that are guiding lights, in the forum category of general instructions. Through these threads, members get insightful tips, just as they would in an internship program. There have also been 'Help Desk' threads specific to a section, such as the this one for submission of Articles. We also have a lot of useful articles as well as the main Help Topics, and I have found both sources useful even today after more than a decade! However, if members so wish, we can revive the Help Desk concept at the start of next year, and have it every quarter in case there are members who require clarity about features or policies or general writing guidelines.

    By the way, members from time to time themselves have raised threads making queries or sharing useful suggestions on how to contribute in various sections. I think Umesh had a few weeks ago put up a thread along this line.

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