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    What should be ideal distance to watch wall mounted television?.

    Gone are the days when our televisions used to be small and even portable black and white tv sets were being viewed. Over the period of time the table top television with 18 inch were found in many homes. Now the fashion is to have wall mounted televisions and its size range from 32 inches to 43 inches and it almost looks like as if we are watching the program in a theater. While 8 feet distance to be maintained for normal television size viewing, as the wall mount sizes are bigger than expected then what should be ideal distance to watch television?. Invariably we do not have much bigger halls in flats ?
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    Yes. Various types of TVs came and disappeared. I heard we are getting some smartphones from which we can project our video on the normal wall to see the video. If that comes we need not have a separate TV also. We may not see any more TVs. People will see the TV through their smartphones only. But I don't know how many more years it will take.
    We should not sit very near to the TV, At the same time we should not see the same from a very long distance also. Some specialists say we should maintain an 8 to 10 feet distance. But as a general who should maintain a distance of t times the width of the TV, you are watching. For example, the width of the TV is 32 inches, we should maintain a 32 X 5 = 160 inches distance which is equal to about 13 feet. In addition to distance, your sitting position is also very important. In addition to the above one should give a 20 second gap after every 20 minutes watch.

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    The general thumb rule is five times the size of the TV. So for a 32 inch TV the minimum distance to be kept for viewing is 32 x5 =180 inches or 6 feet.

    As this is a minimum ideal distance at viewing at eye level line, keeping the same in mind we can place the TV at different distances and heights and family members can make test views. Accordingly the seating or the TV placement can be adjusted to suit strain-less view, convenient and easy movement in the room etc. We have to keep theory and practical wisdom in an optimum fusion

    However it is better to limit the TV size to 32 inches maximum in normal small rooms. But in larger living rooms and halls one can go for larger size TV too..

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    The viewing distance depends on two factors. The first is the size of the TV and the second is the length of the room or hall available to us. In the common flats normally the drawing room or hall will not have a length more than 20 feet except in the high end apartments. Due to the limitation of the length of the hall we cannot go for a big size TV screen in our flats. So depending on the general formula of viewing distance equal to five times the TV screen size, we have to choose a TV of appropriate size, of course depending on our budget also, and then make the sitting arrangement in accordance to that.
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