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    Do you like to ask questions or prefer to give answers ?

    Right from the childhood we have been habituated to ask many questions and some times we have irritated the parents and elders by keeping on asking many things to clarify and to arrive at the conclusion on knowing many things as the brain was developing stage. Even at the schools the teachers encouraged us to ask questions. And the same habit continues with many even today as they would love to ask questions and prefer to get varied answers. But there are people who are more interested in giving answers than asking questions. Do you like to ask questions or prefer to give answers ?
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    It is not our preference. We have to go as the system demands. When you are in a new place and you are not aware much of the place we may have to ask questions. If the subject is new we may not understand the subject easily. Then we have to go and consult a person who knows the subject well and then we have to ask him questions.
    If we are well aware of the place you need not ask questions and you can answer the questions of the new people in that area. similarly, you can answer the questions if the subject is well known to you.
    When we are hearing something and we are not able to understand the topic well, we can ask our questions. But the questioning should be only to clear your doubts. Some people ask questions to try to know the depth of the other person in that subject. I never ask questions to test the other person. But I ask only when I don't know the issue and when I have no clarity only I ask.

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    This entirely depends on the situation and one's knowledge base. If a person knows the answer to a question then one will be happy in sharing that with a person asking that question. On the other hand if a person does not know something then he would like to ask question about that to get answer from those who know about that thing in detail.
    If a person is having hesitation in asking a question thinking that others will laugh on him that he doesn't know the answer to such a simple thing then in that hesitation he may not ask questions.
    In my opinion we should never hesitate in asking something which we don't know however simple it might be. At the same time we should also confidently answer to the questions raised in case we have information on that particular query.

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    I think the answer lies in the purpose of knowing anything specific. We know something because we are interested in it and also to let others know who are not aware of the thing yet. Now if somebody asks you about something that you know then I am sure you are going to answer the queries and when you are interested to know something you do not know then definitely you will look for answers and accordingly ask questions. Asking questions does not necessarily mean you need to ask a person for the answer and when you are searching for something on Google you are actually asking the question to Google, isn't it? It all depends on whether you know it or not. If you know then answer others questions and if not then ask the question.

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    I think both, but if someone asked my preference I will choose to answer someone when anyone asks a question I will answer but there is a chance to ask cross-questions that are related to the asked questions. It is in my habit to ask questions in class whether it was school or college. But on the other hand, I do not ask many questions in my family matters, like if there is a tradition that is already a part of the family, I will not question it. Sometimes some questions come to my mind but I do not ask them every question to them.

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