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    Why we are the best rule follower in the office and indifferent at the home ?

    What ever may be the higher position in the office, when it comes to the house, we are not cared about the faith and prestige we ought to get and we are treated very normally and that baffles us very much. At the office we are the best rule follower and even respected for the same and why we turn to be indifferent at the home is something baffling ? Probably this irks the household and they would not care what we are at the office but would take the work from us as needed for the home. And when there are no children at the house, then situation would be further more challenging as one cannot expect respect at all.
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    I never like this thought. You may be the MD of a company. But you are always a son to your mother only. You are the husband to your wife. You should not expect special treatment from them as you are in a very senior position in our office. We see our Prime Minister goes and touches the feet of his mother and ho hesitation for him to do that. That should be the way.
    There will be rules and regulations when you have to administer certain things. All the concerned should follow them so that there will be good governance. But when it comes to family, we will have tradition and we learn our traditions for our elders and we will follow them.
    Your office may change and your designation in the office may change. But you will have the same family throughout life and we can't compare the same with the office.

    always confident

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    Office is a place where people have to follow certain decorum and rules and regulations as per the office policies. There is no other way to survive in the office environment. It is a place where we work and we get remuneration in lieu of that work. Just like working under a contract.
    On the other hand the situation in our houses is totally different. The relations between the family members inside a house are based on affection emotions, and sentiments and there are no rigid rules to follow. If required one member can ask for some work to other member whether he is junior or senior does not matter much. A family survives on those affectionate relationships. There is nothing wrong in a family if the members respect each other and care for each other and do the the household related jobs in a united way.

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    If office can be considered as important then home is also equally be treated.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, it is not a question of importance. Why do we want to go and work in an office? As we have a responsibility as a family member to discharge. It is our moral responsibility to take care of our family, That is why we go to the office and we feel it is important. Family is more near to our heart and it is a gift of God. So we should not expect always to get respect from family members. They should love us and we should love them. So let us not compare office and family. Family is something to relish.
    always confident

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