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    Civility is essential to be called a civilisation

    I am one who had used the word civility in many occasions in my forum posts. I am one who endeavours to follow and comply with civility in language, dress and behaviour in my life as far as possible. I have some general expectation of the same from others who I interact with also.

    I give below a few references to my forum posts where I mentioned about civility.
    1.Response no:#448278 in this 2013 thread. and quote: "I took up with the company with all details, in a very polite and civil, but convincing language."
    2.Post no:#565794 in this thread where I said" Let us be fair minded and allow people to choose what they want as far as the same is within the confines of normal decency, civility and well within the laws and rules in force"
    3.Response no:#736573 in this thread "One should express opinions, even in virtual space, just as the way one will tell things in a face to face interaction or in a real meeting or debate etc. "

    Civility is when we show, give, display and respond with normal social courtesies to others. It is common decency and expected in a cultured society to show Civil behaviour and use civil language used even against protagonists and adversaries.
    Civility is an essential requirement to political leaders in a democratic society. Almost all our great political leaders during pre-Independence and immediate post-Independence days were real examples of civility- in behaviour and language. It will be very encouraging and interesting to read from archives about the Parliamentary and political debates of those days.

    In my own state of Kerala also the political leaders mostly follow a very civil behaviour and use civil language in public debates and even during election campaigns.. But I am afraid the TV channel debates which have an eye on controversy and viewership numbers, have become some reason for slowly beginning of erosion in such civility. That is unfortunate signal.

    Civility in our life is essential as a give and take policy in our life and it is the fundamental for a civilised and cultured society. Then only we can call ourselves civilised or civilisation.
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    A good write up from the author. Civility is supposed to be maintained by all the people to have a smooth and normal life. As mentioned by the author Civility is very much required for Ploitical leaders. But of late what we are observing is politicians are forgetting this. The way they talk with the people of the opposition party. the way they address other party leaders and the language they use is so bad and we get doubts sometimes where these people are really civilised. I have no idea about the Politicians in Kerals but if you see the leaders in AP and Telangana when hearing their language I feel shy to say that they are our leaders.
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    Please provide the clickable link in the tow topic page. Coming to the content, when it comes to civility it always connected to the education one has, because the public behavior portrays the wisdom drawn from the studies he or she had, and therefore if someone behaves weird in the public that proves his innocence on the matter. When we see the fist fights and war of words even to fill the pot full of water at the municipal taps, here the civility goes for the toss as the more one is powerful in over powering others, he or she would gain to tap the water first. Here the assertion has made through filthy language and the dominance could be felt by the onlookers. And we are most familiar with tv debates when the moderator asks some unwanted questions and the situation goes to surcharge level and even verbal dual takes place.
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    Civility is the most important quality for an educated people and more so, it is applicable to all. Your expressions, emotions are understandable if talked in decent way and if talked with the aggressive tone out of rage, the final outcome will not be favourable. Hence you should make it a point to stick to the courteous language always and must watch how the other man is responding with your courteous talk.
    However it is really an unfortunate situation when we see our politicians and leaders talking in a filthy manner to impress their audience. They have forgotten the decent trend followed by the leaders of the past. The ways they talk are really indicative of their bad tastes.

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    Thank you Mohan for reminding me about the link. Just when I was posting the thread, I was disturbed by a phone call which went long and I forgot about the link matter. Seeing your post I have now given the link. Thank you.

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    A nice post by the author bringIng out the essence of civility. It is true that the behaviour of people in public places or in the society should adhere to the principles of civility. Only then this world will become a good place where people do not use abusive language and behave with each other in a perfect civilized manner. It is also true that the politicians and influential people should present a good level of civility in their speeches and discussions especially when these are aired and are seen by the whole nation.
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    The author's thread is quite good and I agree with it. Civilization is a word that is associated with our history but a definite parameter cannot be given about it because civilization is related to everything and a civilized person can be the only one who maintains civilization in every little thing or matter. Because civilization may not be recognized on the basis of different forms, but from the overall presentation of a person, his civilization can be judged.

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