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    When the animals are very much focused then why we are drifting ?

    I came across an Interesting video in which a hen was made to stand on the table and grains in so many plates, water and other items are being given and shifted time and again and the hen is very much focused and want to have the food offered from a particular plate and even the places were interchanged, the hen would eat the things from same plate. This brings the very question as to when the animals are very much focused then why we are drifting ? Why the human beings are lethargic in their work and activities and drift away from the focused attention?
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    The people are having brains. For them, food is only a part of their living. They will have many other aspects to take care of. They are not satisfied with what they had. They want to compare with others and start thinking about whether they are on par with the others or not. But an animal is having only limited needs and struggles for that. They don' want to accumulate wealth or they don't want luxuries. So they will have limited activities and they focus on what they are doing.
    When we are eating we may receive an important call from the office or there may be a call from a friend or relative and we have to respond to them. While we are eating somebody may overtake us. So we have to be on watch while eating also and hence we can't concentrate on our eating or any other work we are doing at a particular time.

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    Men are differentiated from the animals due to their brains thinking in the rational ways always and irrespective of the difficult situations they can tackle find a solution suited to the existing problem. Men are far far better when there are the crucial situations but sometimes they might be confused due to the nervousness for a while but ultimately they regain strength.
    The author is right that sometimes we are diverted from our real issues if we hear that our own relatives are at problems due to health issue of a close relative. They might loose concentration for a short time and they again restore their mental balance after sometimes.

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    Human beings are having a very high level of consciousness as compared to the animals. Animals can think in a very limited horizon and they will be mainly bothered for food and sleep and it is obvious that they will be much focused in those areas.
    Human beings are so much evolved in their brain power that they have a plethora of things to consider and undertake in their lives and their mind will be continuously working in so many dimensions. There will also be many distractions at times. In fact human beings have to do a lot of efforts for getting focused to do a particular work. Achieving concentration in a particular work is always a challenge for human beings. We cannot compare the pattern of human activities with that of the animals.

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    Nice thread from the author. We must be conscious of our focus and concentration. Many times man wanders and he does not realize this. Even when the human mind is not wandering and wandering, many times while working, attention starts getting attention on other things. In some cases, people do not even take pleasure in their present situation because their attention is elsewhere, whether it is food, entertainment, trip, or any discussion with family and friends. We cannot enjoy our presence until we give it to ourselves.

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