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    Indian culture still maintains it's uniqueness

    Indian culture is so outstanding that it is respected internationally and is even being followed by the natives of America,South Africa ,Canada and a few other countries. In fact some of the women even wear cotton and silk sarees and use Indian accessories.

    However,the Indian youth living in those places are trying to modify the Indian culture because they are busy earning morning money to provide facilities for their families. In the process the speciality of the culture of India is partly lost . But,as they respect their mother country they do the puja,weddings ,food habits as per their whims and fancies.Their Indian counterparts have followed suit citing the same reasons.

    But still there are crores of Indian youth who follow the unique culture of their mother land relgiosly. This is because their grandparents and parents have inculcated grat human vales which the part of the Indian culture by taking them to temples, celebrating festivals,respecting elders ,Carin,sharing and understanding which again connects with Indian culture.

    Therefore,I am of the opinion that as there are two different groups,one which alters and the other which follows,Indian cultures divinity has not undergone serious changes and never will becaus it is so vast and widely appreciated by majority of the people of India.
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    Indian culture has its unique qualities. They are very good and appreciated many other country people and trying to adopt them. Instead of shaking hands saying namaste by making the two plans to touch is the Indian culture and that is now universally accepted as the safest way of greeting others. Shaking hands or hugging each other maybe not be healthy as there is a chance of spreading the disease. Similarly, the Indian system of family is admired by many people but for them, it may be very difficult to adopt this.
    Unfortunately, some of us are leaving this unique culture and showing interest in other cultures and that is leading to problems in the family as well as in society also.

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    Surely Indian culture is also followed in other countries though the people are living there out of compulsions or job postings. They are following our food culture, not participating in the rave parties, attending temples and discourses and also putting straight the Hindu culture and be followed among those who are interested. Out of this cult only many foreigners have adorned the Dhoti and Kurta to become the Krishna followers across the world and they recite the Bhagawat Gita and also dance to the tune of Krishna consciousness songs. And at the same time there are some youths who were following the Indian culture as long as they were under the vigil of elders, and as soon as they shifted to other countries, they are wearing scanty clothes, hair styles changed and even the name changed to suit their calling.
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