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    What do you value more, pattern, color, or quality?

    Before we go shopping, we keep a mindset, be it clothes, household items, or anything else. Preferences are also different for every item and requirement is also a basis. For example, if we talk about teacups, then some people like to have colorful and different pattern cups, so they focus less on quality and will take relatively low price cups because they have to take more. On the other hand, some people may buy only one set of cups but want the best quality, the same can happen in other cases as well. When you go shopping, what is the order of the three, according to you which parameter should be kept first and last.
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    When we go shopping the quantity, variety and style are being decided by my wife or my daughters in law. They will tell me before going out what is the amount required that day for shopping. If I go with them it is OK. Otherwise, I will give cash or a card to my wife and she will do the needful. This is what generally we follow. Sometimes I go alone for the purchase of my personal requirements. I give more importance to the quality of the product and then I will look at the suitability of the item for the intended use. I don't mind spending a little more on having good quality material.
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    When it comes to shopping habits each one as their set thinking and we cannot generalize. For example I always select any cloth or ready-made based on my liking, no matter what color or the pattern and even the quality is overlooked when I get something to my liking. I always avoid shopping in big malls because they keep less quality of what we desire and they fix big price. But whereas small shops are specifically designed for our wants and what we want can be had in reasonable price. Only two days back we had shopping for my son birthday and he insisted big mall but I took to a small shop where in he got what he wanted and the purchase was made as per his choice. So shopping should be convenience to us and not beneficial to the shop owner and we should not buy what they insist and force.
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