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    Not every travel experience is always the same.

    When we talk about travel, we have many resources through which we travel, sometimes by bus, sometimes by train, by plane or by many other means of travel. Sometimes we have some bad experiences in our journey and sometimes very good ones. In both situations, the person understands that this is the experience of this specific journey, it is not necessary that we will get the same experience again. With good experiences, everyone wants such experiences to happen again and again, but a bad experience scares us to take the same step next time.

    This was a matter of traveling, but even when we go on such journeys in life, this situation comes many times. We find good and bad experiences in relationships, jobs, anyone. If the experience in a relationship or job has turned bad once, it does not mean that it will always be so. Life is never meant to stop and fear of bad experiences stops you from growing in relationships or jobs or any other matter. Learn from experiences but don't let allow your fear stop you.
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    Every day of our lives is unique and the things that happened today may not happen tomorrow. So we need not expect the same problems to happen every day and at the same, we need not think that every day will be a cakewalk. The problems that we were not able to solve yesterday might get solved today. Yesterday's problems may continue today also. So every day will be special for us. Always we will be getting good experience and that will be useful in our further life.
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    If the journey is long and spans over a day or 36 hours, surely there could be new friends happening with the co-passengers and if they are of same age then the connectivity would be fast and sure. In fact I made a good friend way back in 1981 when ASIAD games were happening and one of the passenger who traveled to see the game become close friend and even continued today. Though he lives in old city of Hyderabad, we got connected through letters then and now through social media. But all travel experiences would not end fruitful and some want to benefit as the pass time friend to which I am not interested. If the thoughts are the same and each one wants the company of other, the friendship can survive even after the travel ends and goes beyond for years and we have to prepare ourselves for that.
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    During a journey we experience many new things and sometimes they remain in our mind for a long time. We learn a great deal from our experiences and then take care in our future journeys. This holds true for the physical journeys as well as the journey of life through which we progress and survive in this competitive and tough world. One must try to learn from all sort of experiences whether they were good or bad and then accordingly use then in this journey. We cannot stop our journey just because we had some bad experience last time. We should not keep any fears like that in our mind.
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