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    Can we decide our favorite religious place of our own free will?

    As the country of which we are citizens, the most important thing is that different religions have been adopted here together and all religions are enhancing the beauty of the country's culture in their own way. There are some special religious places associated with all religions, where we feel a lot of peace. I also often go to the temple with my family or even alone sometimes and I like that.

    But I felt a unique peace in my mind when I went to the Gurudwara for the first time. Even though my religion is Hindu and I have been worshiping Hindu gods and goddesses since childhood, but still when I go to the gurudwara, where I do not even understand the prayer singing by the gurus, I still feel peace and I feel connected to the divine power. Not that I don't like other places but that feeling of peace for me is not in those places.

    Is it really that religion is more important for favorite religious places, or do the activities happening in such places affect us?

    This thread of mine is not to hurt any religion nor is it related to topics like conversion, it is only about the relation of mental peace with a particularly religious place. I am only discussing a feeling which is probably above the religion, which we cannot force because it is generated automatically from the heart.
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    Actually there are some religious places to which other religion persons are not allowed unless and until they express their faith. For example to visit Tirumala by other religion, they need to sign the book of affirming and then enter the temple. Likewise there are some mosques to which others are not allowed, but when they are accompanied by the same faiths, they are allowed. So what this proves that the places of religion are meant for their own sect and we need not visit them. But in the case of Gurudwara it is open to all and one has to wear a scarf on the head and proceed. One thing is sure either it is temple, church or mosque, these places give the peace and people love love to stay there for one reason or the other and they draw immense satisfaction of being connected with the faith or God in getting rid of their problems.
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    In Hinduism itself there is a good stress for Guru. Starting itself Madha pitha guru and deivam. Here the Guru comes before God. It does not mean that God is inferior to Guru but Guru is the person who shows God to his disciple. It is real if you got some citation in Gurudwara means you have got showered with Guru's grace. God is one and no Guru has different Gods.

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    Gurudwara is a real place to have peace. The way the place is maintained is excellent and no one will like to come out of that place. When I visited that place with my family I for impressed with its ambience and the peace that is prevailing there.
    Another place I feel the same way is Kachi Peetham. When I go and sit there, I never remember the time and I will be sitting for hours together. Some people who stay permanently there will also help us in knowing more about the Swamiji there. Once or twice I ate food in Peetham and I just forget all my problems.

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    Of course, we can. Following a religion and having faith should not be mixed up. Once in a forum thread about places of worship, I had mentioned how I have always found a quiet sense of inherent peace in various temples and churches and felt blessed by the presence of God.

    Regarding visiting a mosque, I would like some information about whether it is correct what Mohan stated, that in some mosques you need to be accompanied by someone of their religion otherwise you cannot enter. I am aware only of the aspect that ladies cannot enter the same prayer area as the men, that they have a separate prayer area. Is that correct?

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    Of course, you can as long as there is no conflict between the religious place you visit and the religion you follow. You found visiting a specific religious place gives you peace and tranquillity so you must go there and spend time according to your will where nobody will disturb you. I feel nobody belongs to any religion by birth, it's the way one chooses that decides their religious faith. When the basic tenet of every religion is the same there should not be any conflict between the followers of all the religions.

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