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    Try being someone's secret Santa too.

    The secret Santa
    Every kid in their whole childhood definitely had one secret Santa, who gifted chocolates/stationary to the kids every Christmas. Priya always believed there was a Santa, because every year her socks used to be filled with chocolates in Christmas. Every year her mother, made sure her beliefs are constant and thus consistently filled her socks with chocolates. But this year, she got an unique gift, a red camera. To the astonishment her mother yet again filled the socks with chocolates, so this time,there was a secret Santa in real. Priya's father was in navy, so the only time they met was during holidays, and Christmas isn't considered a holiday. The red camera made priya the happiest, whether it was sent by mistake or was delivered by mistake, was still a confusion. Like every year they exchanged gifts, ate cake and clicked lots of pictures in the new camera. Priya got a new obsession of photography and all she did was click pictures of everything that she got. She has never been seen this happy, it looked as if she always wanted to be a photographer. To her mother the confusion of this expensive gift still persisted.The next morning priya went to meet her friends and flaunted her new camera which she was gifted by none other than the Santa. She clicked pictures of her friends, neighbors, the mailman. The girl next door , mira ,saw the camera, their family financial status wasn't so strong. She obviously felt sad, she cried and requested her mother for the same camera , which was impossible for them to afford . Priya's mother saw the kid, how badly she wanted that camera, so the next day Priya's mother went to the supermarket, purchased the same camera, wrapped it up and wrote a small note saying, merry belated Christmas, your secret Santa. She kept the gift outside their house and quietly witnessed the happiness Mira had after getting the gift.
    Its amazing, how small gestures may bring so much happiness in someone's life. How one gifted camera, brought happiness to another kid too. So the next time you see someone sad, try being their secret Santa too.
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    The story brings out how small gestures would bring happiness and that is seen wholesome in the eyes of the gift receiver because the gift was so much liked and as per the wish got. Normally children get exited over the gifts and if they get what they want the glowing of their face can be imagined to watch and appreciate. So next time when someone wants to gift the children in the guise of Santa, explore their wishes and give the same and see the difference.
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    Very nice write-up and nice title too. The title attracted my attention as no matter how much you grow up you still wish to have a secret Santa in life who can hear your wishes. Even if belief in Santa Claus fade away as we grow up but we wish to have such a secret Santa in our lives in the corners of our heart, we want to cling on to the hope of a kid that we once were. That's why when we grow up it feels really good to be that secret Santa for someone else for someone younger.
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    Is it for the contest Dhruba? if so give a link and post the link of this thread in the contest announcement thread. Otherwise, it may not be considered as a contribution to the contest.
    A nice story. The desires of the children are very small but once the wish is fulfilled the happiness on their faces can't be described. One has to see it. The good gesture of the lady brought cheers on the face of the girl and she will now definitely believe that there is a secret Santa.

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    Yes, Dr N. V.S.R , thank you very much. I was waiting for such a comment from the members.
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    This is an interesting story. The children generally feel envy by seeing the better gift got by the other children. In such a situation if someone brings the same gift for the crying child then it is something very great and can be considered a great act of kindness. In this story the gift of camera by the mother to that crying child is something that had turned the sad child into a happy person and that is the main takeaway from this story that we must become the sacret Santa for someone who is sad and unhappy on not getting a gift of his choice or not getting a gift at all because of the poverty or any such factor.
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    A beautiful story by the author, when we were kids we were more excited about the gifts, even still after growing p an excitement for gifts is never ended but somehow we hide it into our own. Being a secret Santa is actually giving us a lesson to bring happiness in someone's life who may need it but unfortunately not getting the same. When we give such happiness to others we make ourselves happy too and motivated to do such things in life again and again., which helps to create a society where people are ready and waiting to make happy others.

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