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    The crisis of civility is plaguing our own tolerant society.

    Lack of harmony leads the society to instability, disunity, and conflict. And this conflict is the beginning of violence and continued violence can push the nation into destruction.
    On the other hand, social capital is created through society's civility. Social capital is different from financial capital and it is created when people from different walks of life work together. Social capital can eliminate the scarcity of financial capital of the country. Many social problems can be solved without money if 'social movement' and 'social resistance' are formed by uniting people. Hence, in economically poor countries, social harmony or civility is the big capital.
    A society is usually inhabited by people of different religions, castes, tribes, nationalities, and languages. Such differences in society are the basis of pluralism. In order to maintain social harmony in a pluralistic society, we need to build mutual trust and dialogue between the political parties today. In many cases, powerful politicians and the ruling class have been seen exploiting identity differences between people for their own petty self-interest. Accordingly, the violence against different ideologies based on identities such as religion, caste, is often visible. And the present situation is in the worst throughout the world.
    Therefore, in order to establish sustainable social harmony, today we need to establish a national consensus on many more issues, based on the peaceful transfer of power. Let's include it in the New Year's oath of 2022. What do you think?
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    Probably the winning content raised by the author and appreciation for coining out this thread. The author choose to have a dig at those who want to divide between the people and religion and through their civility try to over power their way of governance on others which is not acceptable at large. It is the fact that every decision should have the social acceptance and by the way when the party comes to power with huge margin on own, they think to introduce something which is not acceptable to few but ok for many and in that case we have to tolerate because the major junk of people are happy. Satisfying everyone cannot be possible by every ruler at the helm. they have to give credence to the party ideologies, their followers and to those who expect lot from the present rulers. So this question remains.
    K Mohan
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    Tolerance is very much required for any society to maintain harmony among the various cultures that are existing in the society. If we have that quality we can have a peaceful life and different religious people can live together with a lot of stability. That will lead to civility. If we start disrespecting each other as we belong to different religions, we will be lost. We all should remember that we are human beings. So respecting other human beings is always important.
    I think this is for the TOW contest.

    The author has to give a clickable link in this thread to the contest announcement thread and should mention that it is for the contest. I hope the author will do that without fail.

    always confident

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    It is true that people have to learn to be tolerant in a multi religious society. But to attain this challenging objective, effors are to be done at all levels right from top political levels to the downtrodden level in the poor society below. This change will never happen if some influential political persons on the top provoke and instigate the public on the name of the religion or culture. If they do so in order to get more number of votes then the communal harmony will remain a distant dream and the society will suffer as it is suffering today. The whole system requires a thorough revamping and complete cleaning of the political system which only will bring a better governance in the country.
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