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    Are cottons now here to stay for all seasons?

    It does seem it is back to cottons in a big way. Shops are brimming with a large number of customers who buy only cotton readymades. And for office wear, young women prefer cotton sarees like never before.

    Is this a new trend? Or is it just that cottons are just coming back to the market from where they left. It is also known that cotton fabrics are very suitable for Summers and since most of India has summer heat for around eight to nine months a year, we are seeing preference for cottons. What is the real situation?
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    Cotton is very good to wear in summer. That is why I think in summer there will be a big demand for the same. Another point I have noticed is that young people prefer to wear cotton dresses. There are very good cotton ready-mades that are very suitable for both males and females. Even in other seasons also we can use cotton shorts which are very comfortable.
    I prefer always cotton dresses only and I avoid synthetic clothes in any season. My wife also prefers cotton sarees and there are many cotton sarees that are affordable by middle-class families also and gives good looks to the individual.

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    Cotton clothes are the best for all seasons because it is comfort and looks class when someone wears them. It has become the latest trend because crisp and well ironed sarees makes the women wearing them turn eyes on her sophistication. The same goes to men also.Children even look smart in their cotton uniform.

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    Correct the above as comfort.. comfortable
    Class . As classy

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    It is true the authors' observation is right, that nowadays cotton is found more, suppose it is the favorite fabric of summer, but along with the coolness of cotton, it also attracts your personality more. Be it cotton sarees, kurtas, or shirts, their look presents you with a lot of civilities. There is also another reason, compared to before, nowadays skin related problems also trouble many people due to pollution or other reasons and doctors also recommend that if you use cotton clothes in daily life. You can avoid such diseases.

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    In earlier times people used cotton only as the synthetics were not invented. There was another quality in those times that was the silk and it was used mainly by the rich people. The traders used to buy the good quality silk from our country and took it to other regions and made a handsome profit. So silk was not easily available to the poor people at that time. Then came the time of synthetics and they got immense popularity because of the ease of cleaning and other maintenance issues. I remeber when I was in my high school my father bought a terelene shirt for me and I flaunted it to all my classmates who touched it and were so much impressed by it. So the synthetics eventually ruled the world and still ruling to a quite good extent.
    People soon realised that the comfort that the cottons gave in summer and winters was not available with the synthetics and only for get up some people preferred the artificial yarns. This changed the scenario and some people stopped using synthetic clothes and went for the cottons. It is obvious that it made the price of the cotton more and now we are seeing that good quality cotton prices are increasing day by day. In the coming times more people would opt for cottons and its usage would definitely increase.

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    The comforts we enjoy with the cotton cloths are not available with synthetics. Earlier when the synthetics were not seen the market, we were dependent upon the cotton dress materials. But with the advent of the synthetics, we realised its importance of this brand because of its durability and its frequent use for a longer time make this material cheap to the consumers.
    Though silk was available in the market but it could not regain popularity among the poor owing to its higher costs. Kanjiwaram sarees attracted the ladies of rich classes because of its glossy surface and looked dazzling. Though other varieties of silk are still available and has retained its unique position among the consumers and the users are differentiated from the common mass.
    Now let us talk about the merits of cotton clothes and the first merit of its choice is comfortability which the user can enjoy and the second one being such dresses are not allergenic to our skin. The only demerit of its purchase is its prohibitive cost because of less productivity of cotton yarn.

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    What I feel that cotton dresses and clothes are always user friendly and those who know the comforts in wearing them has always supported and given the go for every time they shop for clothes. And over the past few years the cotton production especially in Telangana and AP has made the companies to get the cotton in less price and therefore the old companies which were either closed or shut down for want of regular supplies of cotton have now started producing again. Even the Tirupur cotton mills and companies are agog with activities and if this trend continues, then cotton would be household preference for every one and especially the sultry places like Chennai, Pondichery, Cuddalore and even Mumbai and Calcutta, the cotton dresses are preferred and the ladies wants cotton saress for sure.
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