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    Civility suits only for potentially strong and powerful.

    Considering the varied meaning of this term, would I be proved wrong when civility will be considered in context to someone who is incapable of a higher caliber only? If you do not get it then imagine you being confronted with someone who has a taller physique than you. Pick another scenario wherein you have an advantage of a taller physique than others. Presumably, I would be very much assured of at least one thing that in both the given circumstance your stand would be different, and this does not need an explanation of what that would be.

    A human being is a very complicated creature on this planet, and no one can be 100% sure of its predictability and civility is being defined by each according to their convenience. If I am able enough to make a good deal of damage but still not willing to go for it because this would not do any good, perhaps this is where I am liable to have appropriate civility but in a different scenario, this would not have any significance.

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    Yes I do agree with the author's contention that civility is subject matter of those who are potentially strong and able to defend themselves even though they are wronged in front of common man and being common we are weak to question them and thus the difference could be seen and felt. We are behaving in different manner with the different persons at varied places. Our parameters of working are guarded with strength and weakness of the opposite person. As we always over powered a house maid and taken work more than required and prescribed, just because she is weak and we are paying salary. But the same maid would sometimes goes on long leave living us in lurch and we keep calling her to join quickly on duty. Had we behaved nicely on all days considering the humane values, they would also treat us good.
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    We see people who talk very politely and humbly when they have a need and they want your help. Their tone will be different when they have no need or you ask them for some help.
    Similarly, some persons talk very politely with people who are very rich thinking that they may be helpful to them in future. At the same time, they talk very carelessly with the people who are not rich. They think that they can show their supremacy to them. That is not correct. A civilised person should know the importance of being good with all the persons. If somebody is trying to harm you or trying to take advantage of you also you can politely say no to him and come away from him.

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