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    Are we really getting benefited from the taxes we pay?

    Despite working hard and earning money, people prefer to keep a portion of this for themselves rather than giving it to the government. Taxes are necessary, but are we getting the benefits for what we pay?

    Today, money plays a crucial role in almost every aspect of life, since all of the necessary necessities can be purchased with it such as food, water, and shelter. Money is also used to support the children of a family, such as paying for school fees, etc. Besides this, people need money not only to provide for their necessities but also for future investments. The more they are required to invest, the more confidence they have in the possibility of accumulating over time. Due to this, many are unwilling to lose some of their income, when taxes are deducted.

    There is no question that people are obligated to pay taxes to the government for a number of reasons. The taxes paid will allow the government to provide public services to people all over the country. But do we really benefit from the taxes we pay in our country?
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    I don't think so. Whether it is central government or State government mostly they are spending these taxes for welfare programs like food provision for poor, housing schemes for poor, mid-day meals for poor children, assistants for poor farmers, free concessions for poor, assistance given to accidental deaths or deaths of natural calamities for poor, etc. Especially state governments are excessively wasting money for freebies to build vote banks for their parties. Like in foreign countries our governments are not concentrating on developmental activities of the country. Actually taxes must be utilized for common benefit of all citizens of India but not for one section of people. Finally the tax payers who pay taxes from their hard earn money doesn't get any benefit out of it.

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    My straight answer to your question is 'NO'. We pay income tax. We pay sales tax. We pay property tax. Like this, there is no end to the list. We are paying direct taxes and indirect taxes also. The services that we are using are being taxed. The toll tax we pay when we travel from Hyderabad to Vijayawada is more than the bus ticket for a person. But we are not getting any service in return from the government. We need not even worry if the money is used for any noble cause. But the money is always being used for wrong causes only.
    The majority of the money is going for the expenses of MLA/M LC/MPs salaries and their expenses. Some is going for salaries for government employees and the remaining is going unaccounted and where it is actually going is not known.
    In some states, the governments are using the funds for unauthorised works and making the economy suffer a lot. I think the government should be responsible and accountable. They should answer the questions asked by the taxpayers.

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    Exactly what I thought. Every employee with a different pay scale pays the tax based on different rates. Some who get paid more needs to pay more. Some people will be getting the exact paid amount when filing the returns.

    As Ramakrishna mentioned, if it was at least benefitted by the poor, it would have been nice. But it is questionable that whether they are also getting the exact gain which they were offered without any inner games. And as Srinivasa Rao mentioned even if it goes to the expenses of MLA/M LC/MPs, if the common man's needs were taken care of by them, we could have been much happier.

    In other countries like Canada, if you are getting the PR, you will get a lot of advantages like free education for children, universal health care where medical aid and care are totally free of cost, etc from the government. Here, it is like, if a road is built, it will be damaged within 2 years. That much corruption and discrepancy exist in our country.

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    What I feel that at the cost of middle and salaried class paying the taxes sincerely the rich class is enjoying the cream of the benefit. For example PV Narasimha rao Express way from Mehdipatnam to Aram Ghar which is 13 kms flyover was constructed and facilitated to move cars for the Shamshabad airport. On this bridge no heavy vehicles, buses, two wheeler and three wheeler are allowed. Only cars carrying the passengers to the airport can go. That means the middle class and salaried class money has bee spent on this huge flyover, but the same cannot be used by us because the rules prevent so. Likewise the rich are enjoying the benefit as they wont even vote and yet enjoy all the benefits given by the new government for sure. This way the frustration is always high on tax payers who get no return for what they pay.
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    Government is getting a huge amount of money through tax collections in all its forms including the income tax also that the salaried people are paying. A good part of these taxes is going for the development and progress of the country in various ways and there is no doubt on that point. Unfortunately another good part is going waste through corrupt practices as some people in power are corning it through all dishonest techniques. There is so much corruption everywhere in the government departments that the money intended for the developmental schemes doesn't reach the poor and downtrodden in its entirety. Whenever the ED raids the houses of some doubtful corrupt officials then everytime we encounter with the news of getting crores of rupees in cash in their houses. Due to these happenings many honest tax payers feel that their tax money is going down the drain and why should they at all pay these taxes.
    Until and unless the governance in the government system is improved, the tax amount collected will not be fully utilised for the projects which are necessary for the progress of the country.

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