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    Is civility on the decline in present-day society?

    We are all living in an advanced society. Technologically we are advanced. Financially we are advanced. We are having more comforts in our daily lives and definitely, we are all living a comfortable life than our ancestors. Are these developments making civility increase? This is the question that always keeps ringing in my mind.

    When we see the present-day happenings in society, the obvious answer for the above question appears to be 'No' only.

    We think about our own personal gains and never bother about the loss to the other person. To gain a rupee, we never hesitate to make the other person lose ten rupees. A person never hesitates to kill another person. There is no guarantee that a lady who goes outside will come back safely home. There is no value for human relations before money matters. Sexual assaults on ladies irrespective of their age and relations are increasing. When we see the newspaper, the incidents that are being reported gives me a feeling that animals are much better than human beings of the present-day society.

    The cyberbullying occurrences, nasty online comments on the blogs, the reality shows that are shown on TV, political leaders mudslinging on each other, venomous bickering on TV during political discussions, etc will leave an impression on us that civility is on the decline. I feel our ancestors are more civilised than us.

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    Topic-based Thread of the Week contest for December- topic- 'Civility'
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    It is said that freedom of doing things sometimes brings indiscipline in the society. I believe that this is a bad situation and corrective actions are to be taken at an earliest to change the bad trends arising here and there. There are some basic points that are to be kept in mind if we want that society should develop in a civilised way. One of the main things that comes to our minds is that the governance in a regime should not be in the nature of the appeasement but in the nature of progress and development. If the administartion is not biased then there are scopes for immense progress because people will iunderstand that no favouratism and nipotism is there to help them and only what matters is hard work. If the regime and the public both think in this direction then civility would not be declining in the society. If we take the example of the country Israel then every citizen there is an army man first and then doing the second job after that. They are a small nation and surrounded by so many enemies but they are not only surviving but giving good lesons to the enemies. For increasing the civility in a country the national integration and national feelings should be there in each and every citizen.
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    The author has nicely summarized the happenings around us and giving examples as to how the civility has been lost or in decline as the selfish motives and earning for self gaining more importance. The other day I had been to the doctor he is very much famous in treating diabetic patients and I was referred by a close relative to try him. Having gone first time he advised some tests and gave medicine for 21 days and asked for second visit to review. Even though the progress was good and my diabetic readings have come down, he was angry and even shouting at my wife for not taking care of me. That is very unbecoming civility experienced from the seasoned doctor and I got much perturbed. What I feel that educated lots are loosing patience and wont behavior with their original traits expected thereof.
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