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    A loving memory as a Christmas present

    Jasmine, with a packet of cookies, enters Daisy's room. The room is dark because of the spread window curtains while Daisy is resting on the couch. Jasmine looks at her daughter, Daisy, and feels she is depressed. Although the mother in Jasmine knows well the reason behind Daisy's sadness, she is a bit puzzled about how to cheer up her daughter. Jasmine keeps the cookies' packet beside her daughter's couch then comes out of her room after softly adjusting Daisy's blanket, even removing her spectacles and keeping it near the pack of cookies.

    A week ago, Daisy underwent an appendectomy and was released from the hospital only yesterday. Her mother knows well that Daisy is not disturbed because of her health but is upset about the imposed restriction on her movement. This year she has to forsake her school's Christmas celebration because of the surgeon's instruction.

    Daisy is a student of class twelfth in a reputed missionary school. Her school arranges an engrossing Christmas programme and an after-party a week before Christmas for its students every year. It's still seven days more to go for the school Christmas party, but on the other hand, the surgeon has advised one month rest for Daisy, so that will not allow her to attend the school's Christmas celebration. Jasmine can understand her daughter's emotions well especially, because this year is Daisy's last year in school, as she is the student of the outgoing batch of the twelfth standard. Daisy will miss all the fun and frolic, which has upset her friends too. They are constantly in touch with Jasmine for Daisy's health updates. The friends feel helpless regarding Daisy's inability to attend the Christmas celebration, mainly because it's their last year in school.

    Jasmine discusses Daisy's mood with her husband, Peter. He also becomes sad for his daughter. After some time, Peter goes out of the house and returns with a packet. He hands it over to Jasmine and says something in detail to her. Jasmine happily leaves for Daisy's friend Lavanya's residence, which is nearby. After an hour, Jasmine comes back and conveys to Peter about Lavanya's reaction.

    On 25th December, Lavanya comes to meet Daisy. Seeing her friend, Daisy becomes overexcited and wants to know about the Christmas celebration that occurred on 18th December in their school. Lavanya smilingly places a gift-wrapped package on Daisy's lap and asks her to open it. Daisy curiously opens the packet, and everything inside it fascinates her.

    There is a red coloured Konica pop camera, photographs of the school's Christmas celebration and touching messages from the headmistress Sister, teachers and loving friends. Daisy becomes emotional, and then Lavanya discloses that it was all planned by Daisy's mother. Before Daisy could say anything, Jasmine reveals that the real Santa is her father, who came up with a detailed plan to compensate a little for Daisy's loss. Both Peter and Jasmine receive a tight loving hug from their daughter and lovingly wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!
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    The care taken by the parents to keep their daughter is well established in the story by the author. When the girl wants to know about the celebrations their friends coming with photographs is a nice idea. A good story.
    always confident

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