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    Honest and duty bound police officers in Bangalore.

    I would like to draw two good incidents which happened today with me in Bangalore and several years back in Bangalore again.

    This morning I had an appointment with the doctor at a reputed hospital for health check-up.. I was waiting for a vehicle to take me to the destination. No taxi or auto was ready to take me. After waiting for half an hour,I went and requested the traffic policeman to get a vehicle for me . He immediately stopped an auto,made me board it and ordered the auto person to take me to the hospital. Suddenly ,the hostile automan turned kind and humble. Is it the khaki uniform or designation? I was wondering. Has he thought me to be his relative? Too many thoughts came into my mind. Anyhow I was respectfully dropped to the destination.In my heart,t I thanked the policeman who still had humanity for a senior citizen.

    The other situation happened in Bangalore again when my daughter was studying DGO in KLE Medical college in Belgaum. I had booked for a bus journey from Bangalore Anand Rao Circle by SRS travels. It was Deepavali time so I left home at seven PM to board the bus scheduled at 8.30.After waiting for 10 minutes,I got an auto . Though the driver demanded a higher fare i agreed. However, just 500 meteres before the destination,the driver stopped the auto saying that the tyre got punctured and asked me to alight. Another auto came and he also refused. As I was pleading with them on the highway,a Hoysala police Jeep stopped seeing me standing helplessly and talking to the auto fellows . Two police inspectors got down from the jeep and confronted them and took their vehicle numbers and requested me to board the jeep and drove the jeep right inside the bus stop. I thanked them and told them that officers like them are real heroes of any state of india. They smiled and said that they have only done their duty. I was not a senior citizen during that time.
    They had helped a woman in distress. Hats off to such officers

    Have you faced any such situations anywhere in India? Please share.
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    We were travelling to our native place in a car. We were six people in the car including the driver. The Car met with an accident in the midnight around 00 30 AM. The nearest hospital was about 25 KM. In that midnight nobody was stopping the vehicle to took us to the hospital. Those days there were no cell cell phones. After a Watkins's 30 minutes a police van came that way.They stopped the vehicle and took the people who require medical attention in their vehicle and informed the station to arrange transport to the remaining people to the hospital They took us to the hospital and they were with us till the proper first aid is done and they arranged a car to drop us at our native place. Their timely help made us to re over fast. We thanked them and they said that they did their duty. A great service.
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    Very good behavior on the part of traffic cops in Karnataka who are doing the friendly policing and that is must. This reminds me the fact that in Telangana the night patrolling police are now arranging free trip to the residents of those ladies who are stranded on the road in late night hours and this human behavior has earned lots of accolades among the ladies who are helpless without transport and how to reach back the home. One thing is sure, police are good people and they do help the common man provided the reason should be genuine and in your case the police were watching the conversations between you and the auto drivers and thus police felt their intervention is necessary to do the needful. Traffic police duties are not only to regulate and impose fines for violators, but also help the women in distress.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are definitely some honest and good policeman who help the people in problem on the highways or in towns or cities while trying to get a transportation from one place to another. Especially the girls and women travelers often require such a help from policemen.
    Unfortunately there are a few dishonest policemen also who have made the reputation of the police department very negative. Sometimes these bad policemen are arrested and sent to jail as we find in news many times and that is actually required for the betterment of police services.
    Online police services and digitisation has helped immensely in this area and things are becoming more transparent with time and it is hoped that in the coming times the police department will be doing much better services as compared to today.

    Knowledge is power.

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