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    The plight of a little boyy who had lost his grandma.

    Grand mothers have always been liked by their grand children as they would tell them bedtime stories ,prepare delicious sweets ,give them money to buy some chocolates and dress them up well.

    ,Five year old Ravi was sobbing uncontrollably as he remembered his grandma who had passed away recently. No words of solace of his parents would stop his overwhelming feelings. He wanted his grandma back home. He would trade all his cherishable toys and dresses in exchage of his grand ma Lalitha. He could not understand that people who say goodbye to this earth don't come back.

    How do children who are under five years react when they lose their loving ones?
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    Very pathetic and we are at loss to convince a child of small age when death happens to those whom they love and care more and we cannot escape the feelings vent down which cannot be even stopped. Children are more dear to the grand parents because they always care them, pamper them, and get them things for eating of their choice and when parents try to scold or beat them the grand parents comes to the rescue and grandma is someone who is always with the child in good and bad times and actually little children spend more time with her and therefore the loss cannot be replenished or replaced. I can understand the feeling of loneliness when sudden depart occurs and the child would be feeling as if everything has been lost in the life. The mother should somehow convince and divert the attention.
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    It is a really sad moment when someone goes so far away from us that we can't even expect them to come back. Death is the biggest truth of life which cannot be denied and we also understand that one day everyone has to die but to understand it also there is a relation of age. As the author talks about a small child, it is quite difficult for him, he cannot believe that his grandmother is no longer with him and now she will never come back. After a certain age, things slowly make sense. At the same time, it is also true that when a person leaves the world, then after some time the people of his family also take this truth to be true and get busy in their daily routine. This is a matter that again gives the sign of a superpower above humans or anyone because we can not do anything in front of this happening that has been decided by the superpower.

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    That is true. They will not understand what is happening. They don't know what is death. During my childhood days, my father used to tell me that the people who died are going to God. They may be asked to stay there and hence they may not come back home. We used to believe the same. Sometimes I used to think why God is calling old people only?
    Recently a boy who was 13 years died. He is a distinct relative to us. His parents were sad. They have one more son who is 10 years. When parents want him to go to school, he is refusing to go and says that till his brother comes back and accompanies him to school, he will not attend the school. The parents are unable to explain.
    Their grief is increasing.
    There may be many such incidents that happened during this pandemic. Really small kids like their grandparents. But these days because of nuclear families many kids are missing them.

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