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    The fun and enjoyment remained the same

    "We have so many things to enjoy nowadays but how you used to enjoy in those days Papa?" Little Rohan asked his father.

    "We used to enjoy just like you Rohan, there was no dearth in our enjoyment when we were children."

    "But there were no video games, no online games and no mobile phones during those days, so how did you enjoy? I feel it must be quite boring to spend time those days, isn't it?"

    "It's not quite as you think dear, though the technology was not comparable to these days we had many things that have been replaced by modern technologies now."

    "I see, but can you show me something that you think is replaced by technologies?"

    Rishi was thinking about what to show at this moment as Rohan is 11 years old and since childhood, he has been handling his mobile device quite often. Interrupting the conversation, Rohan's mother Ankita entered the room and wanted to know whether Rohan has asked for any gift from Santa this Christmas. On hearing this, Rohan made a serious expression and answered – "I am thinking what to ask for. You know, I am having so many gadgets and whatever I wish is available online which I can order anytime so I am quite confused about what to ask for this time around."

    Rishi and Ankita laughed at the expression of Rohan and said him to decide quickly so that Santa can deliver it on time. Rohan again said "I do not know how Santa manages to deliver all the stuff to the kids on time and fulfil all their wishes. I wish to go to his place once and see his store where he keeps all the gifts."

    The interesting observation of Rohan made his parents nod in admiration and they said we hope your wish may come true someday. Rishi went inside their bedroom and came with an item covering it with his hands and handed it over to Rohan. Rishi asked, "Do you know what is it?"

    Rohan exclaimed! "Wow! A cute red camera. Does it work now?"

    "No, this is not faulty I hope but films are not available nowadays and that's why we cannot use the camera". Rishi remembered the Konica pop was a Christmas gift from his uncle and began telling the story behind this camera to Rohan. Rohan patiently listened as Rishi explained how they had a big Christmas party at their home with a lot of friends, goodies, gifts and of course a big Christmas cake.

    "You see, not much has changed. This time also we will be having a Christmas party with your friends and our relatives where there will be many gifts, lots of fun and your favourite Christmas cake.

    "Right you are, the atmosphere and the feelings will be the same and all of us will enjoy." Rohan smiled happily and started to inspect the "cute red camera" closely.

    This is an entry to the contest A Christmas story for children
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    As the days are changing we may be getting more advanced with new gadgets and virtual world but the spirit behind the festivals and celebrations remained the same. Those days and these days also festivals are bringing a lot of excitement to the children and always they are the centre of attractions. Theses days they may be playing virtual games on smartphone and those children might have played with used tyres and sticks. But playing games with enthusiasm is there always. Nice narration.
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    Old items kept preserved in our houses rekindle the old memories and old gatherings that we had enjoyed in those times and reenacting those moments again in the present is always an enchanting thing and this story has brought out that nicely.
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    When we see the old items securely kept in the cupboard, we tend to rekindle the past memories through which we have gone through the great fun and enjoyment during the festivities. That is the reason being so we keep the cameras handy at home and even selfies taken through the cell phones are now being recorded as the past memories to be remembered in future. The author has narrated the story in a most understandable way and it is the fact that the present generation is more interested in gadgets of new technology and would not care who has visited them nor they have the time to interact. We the seniors always bring back our old memories, when we see the the school play ground , the lanes and by lanes which all would rekindle the old memories as to how we spent the childhood and enjoyed fully.
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