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    When old brings gold

    Shankar was a fourteen years old boy, who was deeply interested in photography and have won many prizes in it. He was preparing for the photography contest going to be held on Christmas day. A day before the contest he was sitting on the tree clicking some photographs and all of a sudden a log fell hard on his hand he could not control the camera, and at the drop of its hat, the camera was lying on the floor broken into pieces. He cried a lot as it was impossible to arrange a new camera within a day. He came back home and slept without eating anything.

    The next morning when he woke up he saw his grandpa searching for something in the cupboard and the next moment he came up with a red coloured old looking camera. He said, "Shankar my boy, this is the same one which I offered you last month but you rejected it because it is very old, but nothing can be done in one day, so get ready and fight today's battle with this old one." Shankar half-heartedly took that camera. After some time with his grandpa, he went to the event place. There he found contestants were using very much tech-upgraded cameras. He was sure about his failure but started shooting. All contestants submitted their entries and after half an hour judges came up with the results. They announced, "First position goes to master Shankar." Shankar was perplexed that how this happened, he got up and hugged his grandpa and said, "You are my real Santa, old can also bring gold dadu"

    This is my entry for the story contest.
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    When we plan big things, we have to be careful to deal with every situation and here the boy has the need to keep his camera intact and why should he climb the tree and click the photos. One more thing when the cameras are having the strap to be tied over when such tasks are being attempted the boy seems to have not cared for the security of the camera and his innocence made the camera fall on the ground and break into pieces. One thing is sure when we lose something envisaged to be the prop to get into the act, then we have to be doubly sure that everything is secured. For a dancer, without Goongroos, it is not possible to perform and if the same is broken or strewn while practicing, the act may not be done. So the boy might have got an alternative camera but the bad has happened and the lesson needs to be learned.
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    True. The standard of the gadgets of yesteryears was much better than those of these days. The materials these days may have high-end features but the strength is not up to the mark. Plastics are being used which will get easily broken. If we have the technique, the old cameras can also do wonderful work. That is what is proved in this story. The old cameras are very sturdy and the photographers who are professionals used to do wonders with those cameras. These days the photographer need not have any skill and the camera will do everything for him. The same is the case with other gadgets also.
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    An interesting story by the author about the boy who was reluctant to use an old camera. It is true that we all have fancy for new items or the latest gadgets. That is the human nature always yearning for new and latest. But slometimes even an old item can be very helpful in getting the job done. This story shows that very beautifully. The grandfather was an experienced person and he knew that even with an old camera if the photographs were taken correctly and with precision then that might also win the contest. There is a good lesson in this story.
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