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    If you are undervalued at work place, will you quit or prove yourself ?

    When getting a job itself is full of competition and having lots of enmity from various quarters, the already established employees would also feel uneasy when new entrant sets in as their position would be at stake if the new employee proves better. In that case ways and means are tried to devalue the new entrant and such tasks are given which actually undermines the very capability of the person and his position. Sometimes one gets very much irritated and even wants to leave away within no time. If you are undervalued at work place, will you quit or prove yourself ?
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    Running away from problems is not a solution in any situation, similarly, when there is any kind of confusion in the workplace, then we do not have to run away, but proving ourselves by making ourselves better would be the best option. When new employees become a part of a company, their dedication and work efficiency are naturally high. The reason for this is not only that they are trying to prove themselves, but one of the main reasons is the enthusiasm for new work. Many times doing the same work continuously gives some boredom, it does not mean that you start giving carelessness in the work. Every person needs a little change, so do not run away but prove yourself. ,

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    As every product has 'USP' or unique selling point, every employee is also born with uniqueness which should be realized. If you realize and believe in yourself, then you can easily prove your worth. For some days, the boss may appreciate and look upon the new entrant while underestimating the old employees. But, this problem continues only for some days. The new employees also experience challenges and require the assistance of old employees. But you should never give up unless you realize that you do not prosper in the organization. If you run away from the problem, then you may encounter the same problem in another workplace. Many bosses are challenging and the juniors should be willing to accept these challenges. In a workplace you should be always acceptable to criticisms and make it a learning process.

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    Organisations in general. private organisations, in particular, require people who perform. Otherwise, organisations will not function. Manpower is one of the important resources for organisations to work. So no company will try to lose a good employee. But there will be competition and one has to withstand the competition and prove himself to prosper.
    A new employee should be good and concentrate on learning and understanding the culture of the organisation. Slowly he will get acquainted with the environment in the office. He will be under observation and he should concentrate on discharging his duty up to the satisfaction of his boss.
    When you are not being got the desired recognition, try to understand the reasons for that. If you have any points to implement for your betterment do that and work to get the desired output. Then showcase your work across the organisation. Try for a better job and then leave. But never leave without getting a good offer in your hand.

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    Being undervalued in a workplace in any organisation is definitely a matter of concern but if we analyse the reason for that then we will find that it is because of our own lack of initiatives and competence that such a treatment is given to us. This may look like a straight conclusion but frankly speaking it is the truth in the matter. In any workplace and the organisation our value and respect is based on our contributions by which the organisation is immensely benefited and we get our salary in lieu of that great contribution and at the most can also get some early promotion which might be helpful in making a good career. If we are not able to compete with our fellow workers and are thinking of leaving the organisation then what is the guarantee that in that new environment we would be successful.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Quitting is my best option. Undervaluing in the workplace is mainly due to politics. The undervaluing a person in the work place itself done in the motto of sending him or her out and is not planned by the management but the co employees or co managers. It is meaningless to prove ourselves as fit one and we cannot prove so even tried to a great extent as it is planned well to make you to move. If the management undervalue you, though it do not do so, the management will degrade you from the post or cut your increment or promotion etc., through Performance Appraisal System.

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