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    At least consider a human being as a human.

    When I went out a few days ago, I saw that a woman who comes every morning to sweep and clean the area outside our house, has been appointed by the councilor of the area and for this, she gets a salary. But that day when I went out for some work early in the morning, I saw an aunt shouting very loudly at that old lady because there was some dirt left in front of her house, I felt very bad to see this and also got angry. Since aunty was familiar to me, I stopped her and said that you can say the same thing with love, to which Aunty said, these people should not be given much importance, only then they work in the right manner. That old lady left after doing her work, but I was thinking that why people sometimes do not consider human beings as human beings. Just because a person's work is different from our work, we should not forget that he/she is also a human being and like us, they are also working to earn his living.
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    This is very common in many places. They feel they have every right to shout on people who are doing sanitary works.Many people will have a very biased opinion about such people. They classify them as people who avoid doing their works. But that is no way correct. After all we are all human beings and they are also like us. We are no great before them. If we can realise this small point we will never shout on such people.
    My grandmother was a different personality. She never spoke loudly during her entire life. She used to offer coffee or tea to such sweepers who were Cleaning roads in our village.Sometimes she used to offer them a small amount those days.In that small village she was very famous and people used to respect her with a lot of affection towards her.when she died the whole village was there with the body till the body is cremated. Definitely people will identify the qualities of other people.

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    I do agree with the author that we must respect those labors who work for us no matter we are not employing them but try to dictate terms of cleaning as if we are paying the salary. The Karmacharis are assigned with particular area to sweep and they do the same from early morning 4 am so that entire area could be swiped. One should feel pity and show sympathy towards them. One of the shop owner on the main road near my house offers tea to the sweeping employees daily by keeping the hot tea in the flask with plastic cups, so that they would finish the work and drink the tea leisurely. Many got surprised over this gesture, but he wont relent and daily he offers at least 10 cups of tea for free to the municipal employees and they always bless him after having the tea. Yes they are also human beings and we must respect them.
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    If anyone can't help somebody financially or physically,they can atleast speak politely. Some individuals treat the weaker sections of the society knowing that they are too timid to protest.The weaker ones also are scared of their power and allow them to be ruled and keep silent.
    This attitude should be condemned by the stronger section of the society when they watch such incidents happen before them

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    If you are not in a position to help someone else in one's crisis, it is better to tell him politely the reason for your failure. Being polite is a great virtue and in no way you have any right to speak loudly. There are some people having the concept that weaker section of the people cannot protest for any filthy comments passes on to them since they belong to the weaker section of the society.
    There are some ladies who shout very often at their maids for not paying full attention to their their jobs for which she has been kept. Shouting at them at regular interval is really an embarrassing situation. You need to offer due respect to all who are elders and offer them respect without the consideration of their caste or otherwise.

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    There are many workers involved in these small jobs like cleaning of streets near our houses and also cleaning of lanes adjacent to our houses. That is definitely a elaborate and difficult job for them but they do it as per their efficiency and performance. Some of them would be doing that excellently and at the same time some of them may not be good in their work. So either we can politely tell them to do it in a better way or contact their supervisor for the same. In my opinion contacting supervisor would be a better way. Shouting and quarrelling with the worker is not in a good taste and has to be avoided at any cost.
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