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    Keep some healthy food with you while you work.

    The effect of food is not only on our health but also on our work. Although two healthy meals can also keep you healthy, as today's meals do not contain as much nutrition as they used to be, so we feel the need to put extra effort into this too. This time is very good for this because most of the people are doing work from home, so keeping some dry fruits, salad, fruit, etc. on your working table during work can automatically make it in your habit to take healthy food during work. Although this can be done in the office as well, the home environment will give you more ease in inculcating this habit.
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    Eating healthy is always good. Eating sufficiently is the requirement. If we are hungry we may not be able to concentrate on our work. So we should eat sufficiently. When I used to go to office during my service I used to keep a packet of biscuits with me and always I used to keep one or two fruits in my fridge in the dinning room of the office. As required some times I may be consuming them. Sometimes I was to stay extra hours. Those times these biscuits and fruits used to come in handy. Eating junk food may spoil our health. So we should always have a watch on the quality of the food .
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    If the intake of regular food is filled with good nutrition and fiber , we need not go for the alternate healthy food as the supplement. When the concentration on the work is full and sustained, there is no need for supplement food or some healthy food items be carried with us. Normally in those offices which has the shift and ask the employees to work for more hours, the canteen takes care of all kinds of food and even supplements and they keep serving them. But bringing something from our home is the good habit and hygiene also. However when the working hour is extended , we cannot eat those stale preparation which is made in the morning and that would tell upon our health. It is best to have digestive biscuits with us, which can be taken at times of emergencies and when feel like having some snacks during breaks.
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