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    Advertisements effects at the traffic signals on drivers watching them.

    Metro cities of India face bottle neck especially during peak hours. Generally,school and coy students,and office goers wait for several minutes for the traffic to clear. The advertising companies take advantage of this and put up huge hoardings there with catchy titles.

    For example, at the circle of the highway there is an advertisement with the bold title "BLINK". As we know something is connected with fast delivery and we are interested to know about it further. It is connected to a service which delivers something at a breakneck speed.The effect may result in the people who watch them repeatedly might end up using their service.
    Are you impressed with any such advertisements? Have you purchased any item after seeing it
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    Once an accident happened at the Begumpet when the moving advertisement board was displaying the latest film release and the accident killed the auto driver. Then the gov stopped giving permission to such ads. Even after few years the Secunderabad railway station was boasting of such big screen with ads playing on it. We know it is the busiest station and scores of people move around and these ads made the urchins stand in group and create traffic jam and thus the board was removed. I think Bangalore traffic police should also remove such hoardings which are in video nature as they can distract the driver attention and there are every chances of accidents happening for sure. I am not impressed with any advertisement which is at the cost of our life and people life and we should disobey and discard.
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    We must take enough precautions for the general public so that they are safe during their journey while moviing from one place to other through the road. Any board highlighting advertisement of any firm will surely attract the viewers unnecessarily diverting the attention of the crowd. This will cause fatalities sometimes. Hence for public interest, such board must be removed.

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    I never even see the advertisements on the roadside. Generally while travelling I sleep or read some book. So from the beginning, I have no habit of seeing advertisements. But as mentioned by the author these advertisement holdings create problems for the drivers. Their attention will get diverted and sometimes that may lead to accidents. Police ask us not to use phones while driving with a view that our attention will get diverted. But there are no such restrictions for holdings. In fact, they should object to such holdings in the areas where we have heavy traffic and traffic jams.
    These days the number of holdings are increasing and sizes also are increasing. I don't know how many people go and purchase those products by seeing these holdings. I think at some strategic points the police should stop having these advertisement holdings for safe travel.

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    Any traffic-conscious commuter will not take a risk by looking at the advertiesements in peak hours. There will be many advertisements but I was never impressed by such advertisements. The Corporations and Municipalities make some money by allowing advertisements. The companies do advertise on the hoardings. They will not be doing so if do not serve any purpose for the company.
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    The main purpose of putting an advertisement on a prominent place is to make people attracted to it. So any advertisement placed at such a strategic place will result positively for a company. The reason is very simple. When we see an advertisement in such places repeatedly then it is engraved in our mind and when we go to buy that product and compare the various similar products in the market then that name also emerges out of the memory and we also consider that. Whether we buy that or not will depend on our budget and other consideration but the objective of the company is met that we also considered for that brand in our evaluation before the buying of the item.
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    Yes, this is true such advertisements schemes followed by many companies in such areas. As we know the business is a market and they will find different ways to market their product and services and it is quite effected by its customer so when they know their first capital is their customer, surely they will apply such way to attract their new customer and to connect their old customers. Advertisements were always a great means of publicity and they will change their form with advancements in technology to create an attraction bond with the public.

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