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    Allow the tribal people to live in peace

    The Modi administration is pro-capitalist. But it is also pro-Gujarathi, for obvious reasons. Two guys from Gujarat, the Adani family and the Mukesh Ambani family have multiplied their wealth several times, even during the Covid-19 period, thanks to the support of the BJP party and its policies.

    While this sort of crony capitalism was being so badly encouraged., it is also a matter of shame that the same set of industrialists are now trying to bend every law in the book to their advantage and vast forest resources are being disturbed,

    Quite obviously, such misuse of power will have dangerous consequences for the entire lot of tribal people. Such people should not be disturbed. They should be allowed to live in the forests that they had occupied for generations. They had done and continue to do fabulous work for the entire society, as they safeguard the forest resources from misuse by greedy people.

    The Government needs to be more realistic in these matters. It cannot allow the richest capitalists to exploit the poor in the name of development.
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    On the one hand the same author questions the government for not doing any development and thus unemployment stays. On the other hand he criticize the move of developing unwanted forest for a formidable national structure or paving way for big road, what is wrong. Tribal are never disturbed and they are given the best compensation to leave the land. Moreover the tribal can always join the national main stream with good studies and there are special reservation quota earmarked for them. So the tribal can make use of their life to best possible extent instead of sticking with forest and no development for them. One thing sure, modern development can only be possible at the cost of losing other priority. If the forest is lying vacant and not even catering to the animals, then changing them for new is the best idea.
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    I am really surprised to find an educated person saying unwanted forest land. Forest land is essential for the very survival of the human race. The ecology on the earth is balanced by nature which includes forests. The development of tribals need not be at the displacement of tribals from the lands on which they live. What they will do will the pittance of compensation the government gives?
    Industrialization is taking a toll on ecology. The health of human beings is spoiled due to pollution. The time has come for new thinking to provide a livelihood to the people with eco-friendly projects. What all the people are earning is spent on health issues.
    Coming to the issue raised by the author, the gap between the rich and the poor need to be cut down drastically. It is surprising to note that during the pandemic period when people lost so much, few industrialists gained so much. They are not sharing the wealth with their workers and also the nation.

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    Industrialisation is very important. At the same time, deforestation is not the desired act. Forests are to be protected. Otherwise, we will not be able to live on this earth. We have seen how many people lost their lives during pandemics due to oxygen. That oxygen we are getting from the trees. Not only that, trees are scavengers. They remove unwanted carbon dioxide from the air. This dual advantage is the gift of nature to us. So cutting trees for industrialisation is not correct. If the government is giving some forest land to any organisation for the industry, they should be asked to plant equal or more trees so that the act will be compensated. A balancing act is very much required in this case. That is why the PCBs are insisting the companies develop green belts before giving clearance for their unit. Job creation is very important and at the same time planting trees and saving forests is also equally important.
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    Industrialisation is definitely necessary for the rapid growth of the economy. At least while we are trying to accommodate the the jobs for the youths, it becomes more convenient with the pace of development of industries. For even the society, it would be healthy symbol with the engagement of more youths leading to prosperity of our own people.
    However this should not take place with the deforestation of the forests and the unnatural balances being observed as of now is only due to deforestation. We must not forget that upkeep of the greenery is always important for the restoration of balance of nature so that our own climate is not disturbed with the excess rain or feminine. Preservation of both the aspects are equally important.

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    Just making a highway through a forest is not deforestation. If some towns and cities are formed near those highways then only it is deforestation. Sometimes for the development and progress of a region such projects are undertaken and at that time if we make the issue of disturbing the privacy of the tribes then we would never be able to develop that belt. There is always a balance between the tribal conservation and advancement and every Govt tries to take care of that. In Australia they have commercialised the tribal belts and earning from the tourism where people from foreign countries come to see these tribes in their traditional attire and we are so much worried for the false conservation of these tribes. We should not oppose everything because the present Govt is accelerating those developmental projects.
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