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    Do you think tv serials are also made on par with movie watching pleasure ?

    Gone are the days when the tv serials churned out by Doodarshan was not having grip on plot nor sustain interest in the audience due to poor cast, not worthy story line and no sponsor. But these days the serials are of good quality and have all the ingredients of good story, dialogue, interesting plot, hype on enhancing one character and even songs are introduced. And the way the new serials are promoted through snapshots arousing interest to watch such serials for sure. Do you think tv serials are also made on par with movie watching pleasure ? Share your view and name any serial worth as your choice.
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    I never see these TV serials and my family also never put on the TV to see the serials. Mainly TV serials focus on lady viewers more, housewives in particular and create the story, They try to extend the story as long as possible. Ultimately it is becoming a big elongated serial with no mass in it.
    Of course, technically the quality of the serials improved a lot and they are on par with movies. But these serials show the lady characters very negatively. They show fights between daughter in law and mother in law. The male character in between has to suffer a lot to balance the situation.

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    TV serials are made to woo the ladies audience mainly to pass their time with the imaginary sciences often displayed by the producers to make the scene interesting enough for their entertainment. However with the progression of the scene, we could see a mother - in - law fighting with her daughter- in - law for a trifle issue and once such serials start the bevy of ladies would take their seats in the drawing rooms with their own friends discussing the probability of the next scene that might follow. There is nothing to learn from such serials except the negativity which we could witness from the characters of each artist. The producers would extend the serials as far as possible so that the entire serial becomes unique in the eyes of viewers.

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    How to take enmity on others are amply shown and this can be seen in all serials across the country.
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    Whether it is movies or TV serials, the basic idea of making them is to entertain people and earn money from that. So the basic ingredients will be same everywhere in these entertainment mediums. The length of movies is limited to 2 to 3 hours while serials can go for a long time. There are serials which have run for years and have kept the viewers glued to them with the same interest as they had in the beginning.
    In earlier times the technology used in the serials was not very advanced and the cinematography was also poor so probably people at that time found some difference between the serials and the movies. Today the difference is narrowed down significantly as far as the entertainment factor is considered.

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