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    Compromising rather than strictness is not correct

    I have seen in one school the students wearing light color uniforms in the place of dark color of others. While asking the local cloth merchant have that color only. The parents should strictly emphasize the vendor without compromising. Parents forget themselves that teachers would question or scold their children for difference in uniform dress.
    Parent should take some strain in getting similar color without compromise.
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    Generally, if the schools are reputed schools, the cloth vendor will give you the correct colour material. We need not ask him about the correctness of the school. Some schools will tell the parents of the students to get the uniform from a particular shop or tailor only. The parents will obey that. But some schools leave the choice of cloth vendor, ?then the parents should search different shops and then take the correct colour. any mismatch the schools will not allow and the students should use correct colour only. These days the government schools also are insisting on uniforms but the schools are giving them free of cost. During earlier days the government schools are not asking for uniforms. We used to go with normal civil dresses only. Anyhow it is better to have uniforms for the children of the school so that they all feel equal.
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    For that matter as far as schools in Telangana are concerned , the uniforms are ready made available as per the size of the students with school emblem and with all accessories and therefore the color would be bright and no compromise. The management would charge for two sets of uniforms, one set of white uniforms, tie, belt and shoe with socks. All these would be given with the school books during the opening of every academic year and the parents have no other go but to purchase the same. The schools are buying the clothes in big than and they are making ready with the tailors available at the schools premises and therefore when the students stand at the assembly everyone looks pretty and new with same color combination uniforms and what the author is saying was outdated and we in Hyderabad wont worry.
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    Students must follow the discipline in the school or college. Parents should also understand that the discipline is very essential for the proper growth of the students and if students do not follow that then their upbringing and career making will be affected adversely. Dress is only a part of discipline. Today they are changing the colour of the dress as per their convenience, tomorrow they will fight for so many things related to the discipline in examination and assessment. Parents must understand that students have to concentrate in their studies and adhere to the rules and regulations as stipulated by the school authorities. That is for their own benefit for making a bright career in future.
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